Star Wars Battlefront 2, 2017

@MrAntiFun @FLiNG @STiNGERR @ColonelRVH, I hope someone gets this. Those of us playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, 2017. Would really like a Steam version, if you will please get back to us. Thank You

p.s. We appreciate all the hard work put into these mod’s, and want to thank each individual for their time dedicated. Thank You!!


Firstly, please don’t spam-tag people, it’s an incredible annoyance to those tagged. The trainer developers likely have notifications turned off in their account settings anyway, because of things like that.

We do not take trainer requests in the forum. This recent post explains how trainer development works and how to get them made: Romancing Saga 3 trainer? Please? - #2 by Ravenfyre.

Try the Origin trainer for this game - Star Wars Battlefront II - 2017 Cheats and Trainer for Origin. Simply press the Fix button in the trainer and manually link your Steam version’s .exe to it (not the shortcut icon on your desktop, which is the launcher not the exe). There’s no guarantee this will work flawlessly though.