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StarCraft II Cheats and Trainer

Did you try to de-activate and re-activate cheats / trainer ?.



Are the wemod servers down? I’m getting an Error 502 om and the app is not loading the games and cheats

Yes it was down. Should be fixed now

Yes, and i’ve opened closed it many time

Someone know ,when the trainer will work fine ,as the olds do?

What isn’t working? I just tested it and everything was working fine.

I make tested it in 3 ways

  1. Champ. Work
  2. Singelfight. Work
  3. Arcade. Still not work.
    Will this Trainer work for arcade to ?

Well considering WeMod policy on multiplayer games I doubt they would make a work around

That i understand. The use is not for the Multiplayer ,it is for the singelplay and tests.

Hi ,

Just to say that before this Trainer’s version , the trainer worked super fine even on Arcade mode.
Now , we only can use F1 to activate all cheats & it doesn’t work anymore on Arcade.


Cheats/Trainer works in everything Singleplayer, Co-op, and Custom games. You just have to either play with yourself in them or get someone else to use the cheat menu to play with you. Does not work with multiplayer things as it will either kick you or everyone else from the game. For Co-op and Multiplayer I use a virtual machine to run a 2nd account i.e. with very poor performance and run a 2nd WeMod for that account. All cheats must be activated for both accounts to connect or it will bug and kick one of them, most of the time not the one hosting. For Multiplayer just 1v1 yourself and spam a bunch of ■■■■ for quick exp for one of the accounts. (Also) For some reason only the host is able to have cheats if your using a virtual machine for a 2nd account. I don’t know for someone else that’s also running the trainer. Works in Custom Games with yourself just not other players. I believe being able to play with others, excluding melee or ranked games, with the trainer would be awesome even though you would most likely be banned. Other than that great cheats and was able to finish WoL with 100% achievements aside from already beating it on hard and getting most of the achievements already and didn’t want to waste 7 hours again. (((Cheats have to be enabled before starting a game or it will crash you or desync you from yourself)))

Arcade are to Custom games too.(Why dont work there)
So if you play Arcade Solo ,why dont use the trainer and dont harm someone.

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Trainers are only made for singleplayer games. They are not made to use in multiplayer or coop if they dont work nothing we can or will do about it.
But thanks for the info.

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Hey uh, I was playing the campaign mode and the game updated (Probably Because of the shut down) and when I put the new version in there but now whenever I press my hotkeys it turns off immediately. please help!

Same as StaticSound95 the cheats turns off immediately.

Ya game recently had an update so the trainer will need one to. Can vote in the app for an update

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hello, i love the app had it for a bout 2 years. having a problem with SC2. i drag the file that it says to drag when i click play it says “we are having trouble finding your game” i tried the new version of game and old and the shortcut on desktop and nothing.

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Cheats don`t want to work because of a new version of StarCraft II
Humbly waiting for new update

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