Stardew valley (Not Working Plz Fix)

Hi WeMod :slight_smile: my name is tim and i play a lot ov satrdew valley and i also like cheatin :blush: . And it do not work and im sad so plz can you fix it :heart: love from Tim to WeMod :sunny: when i pres f1 f2 and all the other it tyrn of

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@STiNGERR You should look into this.
Tested it myself as well. Its not working.

Thx man :sunny:

I agree. I get a Microsoft C++ error when loading a save or when attempting to start a new game.

yep i know

when are you going to fix it or STiNGERR ? :chocolate_bar:

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soo, are they looking into this or nah?

I did post a mesage over at the topic where Stardew Vally trainer issues should be posted. We havent heard from him though.

Its a hectic time of the year at the moment. Hope he answer us soon.

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thx man :slight_smile: :+1:

Yeah @STiNGERR hasn’t even fixed the Dragon’s Dogma trainer issue yet. I guess he got busy with life during this holiday season. Here’s hoping he’ll be back soon.

ok thats fine to me

@timpos05 the trainer has been updated


still having the same problem

yeah I’m still having the same problem
it keeps crashing