Starfield Cheats and Trainer for Steam

mods never tear it down, they only make Bethesda games STRONGER! like my back, i have about 50,000 lbs worth of stuff on me :crazy_face:

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Not by default it doesn’t.

  • Infinite Weapon Energy’s default key is Num8
  • Movement Speed Increase by default is CTRL+Num+
  • Movement Speed Decrease by default is ALT+Num+

You’ve likely accidentally changed the hotkey. To change a hotkey, click it in the trainer followed by the desired combination of keys. Or:

  • Press Backspace to reset it to default
  • Press Delete to remove the key entirely.
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Good to know. Thx! :heart_eyes:

I love the trainer.
Is it possible to make it work with Starfield Script Extender so I can use mods?

It already does.
Please use the search button before posting, this is explained many times in the thread already. :slight_smile:

:point_right: Getting WeMod to work with Starfield Script Extender (SFSE)


please add “ignore ship design errors”

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This might lead to issues in the game. For example if people forget to add engines or landing gears, then they would probably be stuck in space forever, unless they have an older save to revert to. :thinking:

This modder has some mods that ease restrictions: Synthlight's profile at Starfield Nexus - Mods and Community. But doesn’t remove them entirely to the extent they’ll cause you some issues.


remove engine power limit so you can add more engines. same with weapons, and same with reactors.

These are mods, not really a trainer thing. You can find a plethora of mods at the Nexus. I would recommend checking them out.

I am aware. Though i couldn’t get any of them working to save my life. And yes, toggle options like that are a trainer thing.

Sorry but WeMod does not work with SFSE.exe. I did as you said, started the game then WeMod but it doesn’t find the game.

I have just launched the game through SFSE and the trainer works perfectly fine on it.

  • Make sure your SFSE is updated to the latest version.
  • Ensure your copy of the game is legitimately purchased, we do not support illegally pirated versions.
  • And make sure that you wait until the game is fully loaded (including the shaders) before pressing Play.

I have had it happen a couple times if i have mods activated and go out to the main menu the game crashes I am using sfse and everything is updated to newest version

Any chance that there is a way to make it where we can select which traits we have, maybe toggle checks? I just want to change one of my 3 without starting a new character.

Works pretty well, however the last few sessions, the other character voices quit working. It was like watching a silent film

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:point_right: Starfield Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #280 by Ravenfyre

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INF Oxygen seems to not be working anymore. :pensive:

Best to use the console for that, there is an ‘Achievements Enabler’ on the Nexus Mods for Starfield that will let you use the console without getting the ‘M’ flag.

From my experimenttion, if you add too many traits, even those that aren’t polar opposites (introvert and extrovert) you may not see some of them activate/work. Also, some traits don;t ‘go away’ when you remove them with the console, for example ‘Kids Stuff’ I still had access to my parents etc, when removing the trait, and I had to talk to them to make it go away.

So, you may not get your expected results with changes.

Not sure if this is the right place for a suggestion or not.

Would love to see infinite boost when using Boost Assault Training

I it possible to get ALL ship parts in the large outpost landing pad with the trainer or is that more of an external mod thing (like nexus). could it be done with wm?