Starfield Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Maybe it’s because not everyone uses the same settings :slight_smile:

I don’t check it often enough, actually only when my settings don’t work…

Hi, I get frozen whenever I am using wemod and try to climb ladders in a ship, at about the point I’m between 2 levels of the ship. Was hoping the latest update would fix it but no luck. I normally have to turn off wemod and go back in the game finish climbing the ladder then I can turn wemod back on again.

Getting stuck on ladders in your ship is caused by using the increase speed mod.

Thank god I don’t play this game anymore. Bugs, dev choices, mandatory-added options that were never called for or wanted, an updated engine that still fails, and ofc…loading screens. I used the mods, played the game, and beat it 100% completed

If you really want to see evidence that “No recoil” is not working at all, fire a “razorback” pistol. It has the most extreme recoil I’ve seen in game so far. Real-life revolvers have a fraction of the recoil shown when firing this gun. I’ve tested this same gun with the cheat off and on. No difference seen.

I stopped climbing ladders once I realized I could simply use my jetpack to jump levels. Haven’t actually used ladders in months. It was one of the first tricks the YouTubers showed within a month of the game’s launch.

tdetect is a standard console command for creation engine games like Fallout, the Elder Scrolls, and Starfield, it’s not even a hack, it’s a simple toggle. So why isn’t an invisible or stealth combat option available in this trainer? Please add that at some point. Thank you.

stuff no working

For what reason ? There is the camouflage skill that you can increase via mod or games and with a chameleon helmet, suit and backpack you have the same effect…

And if you play the entire ryujin quest series you will get special important clothing along the way

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