Starship Troopers - Terran Command Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Please please fix unlimited health literally begging at this point you’re the only person with a reliable trainer for this game out there trust I’ve looked so please.

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Upon testing…all mods seem to be working fine, (unlimited supplies) takes a bit longer to become active for some reason but other than that it all seems to be in working order

That’s weird, even after the latest update unlimited health still isn’t working at all for me.


you don’t get banned for using wemod on this game ? there is no Anti-Cheat ?

war support and supplies are not working, and as usual i dont think mrantifun is going care.

Trainer’s not working.

An update for “Unlimited Units Health” would really be nice since it’s not working. (Steam version)

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There are people reporting that the cheats work perfectly fine, whereas others claim that they are not.

For those stating cheats are not working, make sure you are not playing the beta version of the game. WeMod only supports the public release, since beta versions update far too frequently for trainers to be economically viable.

The last two recent updates to the game were a small patch for a bug, and an update for the beta version (not the public version).

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I can confirm that infinite supply and infinite support cause the arachnids to spawn uncontrollably. They will not stop coming and there is no way to stop them. Can we please have a fix? Is there a way to fix this at all?

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I can also confirm that they do spawn uncontrollably. Especially on the 3rd mission.

all but Unlimited Supplies and Unlimited Warsupport are working they seem to auto-off and need to add Funds it was added when the dlc came out

i can’t test the bug infinite supply and infinite support cause the arachnids to spawn uncontrollably
as both infinite supply and infinite support auto-off for me

Unlimited Units Health seems to work fine

The Starship Troopers - Terran Command cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Idk about you guys bu the Supplies and War support cheats automaticly close immidiatly, they just worked yesterday

Supplies and War support dont work, they just worked bevor update :confused:

update: Nvm, my game version was old. i updated the game and it works fine now

Most of the mods work perfectly…just, the old issue of using infinite supply is now still allowing the Arachnids to spawn at the same rate…i know that this mod has been updated very recently however, any chance this can be fixed??