State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

No problems besides having to activate cheats before i load in my save, great trainer, that said, would be really nice if there was a unlimited influence currency cheat for in game as well as a unlimited prestige points for day break.

now the only thing still not working unlimited ammo

I personally have no problem with the unlimited ammo and such, everything works fine you just need to activate all the cheats before you load in your game. Also It would be amazing if you could add a cheat that could unlock all the day break unlockables fast plz. Great trainer!

Also just realized the unlimited resources also adds ulimited prestige points and influence thanks great trainer!

non of the cheats seem to work, not a single one

  • Make sure your game is up to date.
  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of the trainer (click “History” which is under the Play button).
  • Make sure you’re playing a legitimately purchased version of the game from Steam, not a cracked version (which is likely incompatible with third party software such as trainers).
  • If you have the Windows Store version of the game, you need this trainer: State of Decay 2 (Juggernaut Edition) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store

i can use in Steam.No Ban

As long as you only use cheated game profiles offline, 99% of game developers don’t care if you cheat in single player games. It’s only cheating online (which WeMod does not condone nor cater for) that gets you banned.


All cheats have been working for me for the last 2 days.Thank you MAF! when you get the time can you add faster walking and weapons codes swap or change items etc.

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I just bought State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition on Steam and the only thing that is not working (at least with ammo) for me is the unlimited itens, everything else is working perfectly!

I are you sure everything works well for me , unlimited items means it stays at 10 for example if you have one item and use it you get and keep using it till it goes up too 1 and it resets and goes back up too 10. Unlimited influence seems to already be implanted as when you trade by buying guns you will always have 6000.

I am not sure if the trainer was updated to fix the inf ammo and reload problem, but if you try activate all functions in the weapons subcategory, the reload and ammo seems to work.

Works fine for all the options I’ve tried (not interested in the Unlimited items/prestige and whatnot features, this being my first and probably only playthrough). You can almost afk farm that incredibly boring and stupid thingy called Daybreak in single-player :). “Almost” because, even though even the operator you are supposed to protect is benefitting from infinite health, sometimes on waves 5-7 a juggernaut does one of his attacks and boom, the operator is one-shot. It’s like the trainer does not prevent the actual decrease of the health counter but is constantly updating the itso it stays topped, and sometimes the juggernaut scores a critical hit or something so the trainer is overwhelmed.

It’s shame though, since after a certain point, about half-way through, you stop getting unlocks after wave 5, you only get a tiny bit of prestige.

Otherwise great job!

Neofit does god mode not work for day break?

Any chance we can get an unlimited Health on vehicles? Also Easy LvL cheat as well?

I have the same issue. Steam version and unlimited items doesn’t work. Items do drop in quantity.

Is it possible to cheat in multiplayer? My wife will try the game but she is bad in fighting and driving.

WeMod does not provide hacks for online games. It provides cheats for single player games. WeMod also does not condone online cheating.

In the very rare case that a trainer may work online due to oversights by the game developers, you’ll be slapped with a ban from said game by AI cheat detection bots.

See this link:

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So it seems the cheats work fine in Heartland DLC like the items cheat but in regular legacy mode it doesn’t work like its supposed to work. I am running Steam version of the game btw. So when you play game in Trumbull Valley area the cheats are all good actually.

Makes sence to be honest. Thanks.