State Of Decay Save Request

Sorry My email account was hijacked…anyways I’ve been looking around past few days and can only find god mode all stats items ect ect BLEH

Beginning Start
Play as Ninja
All skills maxed
Infinite Stamina

Unbreakable Wakizashi
All looted guns are Unbreakable
200 of every gun ammo

If this is too much disregard…even though it would be great.
+.2 attackspeed-run-jump-climb
2x Zombie Spawn

You are a persistent little ■■■■, aren’t you.

Like troy and many others said in your previous thread,

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Either buy diamond or find another tool to mod it yourself.
I would say buy diamond.

It can be done through a PC copy and resigned. This way Horizon is not needed.

It’s still against site rules. My memory is a little fussy but it stood something like “don’t share diamond features to non-diamond users” and state of decay modding is a diamond tool.

It’s kind of like going to a travel agency and asking for a free ticket to Spain.

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…wow…from what I read it made it seems to say “don’t use diamond tool for non diamond users”…but if the tool isn’t necessary…thats like asking to drink water at the park…but park rules say no water unless you buy their cup…when you have your own cup and own water…does this forum really state they you can’t convert PC saves to Xbox because somone made a tool that does it that anyone with a PC copy can do without it? ahhh did i get caught up the in the PCvsConsole battleground? Is this site really anti-PC x] A free ticket to spain is different from having a monopoly on water…lol i guess i’ll step outside thepark witha “flicka my wrist” to drink my free water x] really wish i didn’t ahve to… i’ll check the rules

You can find many tools but i used to have diamond but lost my account and i still make tools for certain games but try to find one or buy diamond up to you.

Not really, no. They have even hired additional developers to work on pc trainers.

I’m not going to say to much since I’m not a staff member but maybe @Chris or @Frank could tell us if this is allowed.

And your example was better then mine, so… I… lost? Hmm…

How could we be anti-pc? 3 out of our 5 developers are PC only and our biggest project is a PC trainer.

As to the question at hand though if it can be modded without Horizon then you can post saves. Just remember if we catch you modding stuff for non-Diamond members with a Diamond only tool we can revoke your Diamond.


So to anyone with a PC copy of State of Decay you are in the clear to make this mod :3 pleeeeaase! <3 I accept PM’s aswell from those with the copy

If it needs diamond won’t happen because we would risk be but I know there are modded saves floating around the Internet, you just need to look

Honestly, getting all stirred up over nothing…
Just pay for Diamond and make use of this and many other wonderful features, you can even have a drink of water in the park and fly to Spain. I’d suggest you start flappin’ those arms of yours if you choose the Spain option.
Your other option is Google, Google is your friend…

No game on this entire planet NEEDS diamond…if you have a PC copy of the game it can be done in console…like…this was just covered…dear god…

Kinda messed up i mean i understand the modding part but if you pay for diamond don’t you think that’s kinda harsh ? couldn’t you just disable the diamond feature for a little kinda like a penalty

It isn’t harsh considering you agree to not share your subscription when you subscribe. How is sharing a subscription fair to the developers that have put thousands of hours in a tool that is mostly free? Most people we find sharing subscriptions are selling it as a service.

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You got a point xD i was thinking of getting diamond for this account but not sure yet