Status Code: 8007274c

I get this thing every time I go to Dash… And I can’t watch Netflix :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone know what that’s all about?

Have no clue man its never happened to me before o_O

Do you have an account from another country?

My friend over in the us created me a 1 month acc and you dont even get Netflix in GB and it gave me that status error

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Try this:

The 360 has the wrong number entered in for the DNS server.


i get some code when i login alot too.

its annoying >.<

Yeah this has happened before, then it just goes away. It says its a status code, not an error.

Try calling xbox support they usually know things like this.

This happened to my a while ago but i fowarded my ports and now it all works good

Xbox Live status code 8007274c

Xbox 360 error 8007274c

I had this problem and I really couldn’t find any useful info about it on the web.

For me it turned out to be that the 360 had the wrong number entered in for the DNS server.

Here’s how I fixed it in the hopes it will help someone else.

In Windows XP click start>run then type CMD and hit ENTER (To get the RUN dialog in Vista hold the windows key and press R).

In the terminal that appears type ipconfig /all and write down the number given for Default Gateway.

On the 360 set that number manually as your primary (under configure network) DNS and then restart the 360 and see if it works.