Steam Achievements Unlocker

Dear wemod team,

Thank for you the great wemod app! It’s very helpful in a lot of situations. I hope you will consider implementing a steam achievement unlocker (unlocking each individual achievements, and/or all achievements all at once) to your wemod app. I realize that your team is busy as it is to work on trainers for every new game, as well as updating old ones. If steam achievement unlocker is too much work, do consider implementing it in wemod Pro. I’m sure potential tens of thousands (if not millions) of gamers out there will be more than happy to subscribe to wemod Pro just for the steam achievement unlocker. Heck, the main reason I came to use wemod in the first place is because I had trouble getting some pesky achievements, and wemod helped me a lot with that. Most importantly, I have very limited time for gaming and being an achievement hunter, wemod helped to cut short the time to gain some achievements. A lot of my friends are also using wemod to get difficult steam achievements.

Realistically speaking, I also understand that certain platforms give spendable currency (virtual credits) for unlocked achievements, thus potentially leading to unwanted accusations / lawsuits, etc. Steam, however, do not give any rewards in terms of spendable currency to achievements unlocked, and it will likely stay this way forever. Taking this into account, perhaps you can figure out a way to implement achievement unlocker for steam games. Should the game launches from other platforms that has spendable currency for earning achievements, the achievement unlocker feature can be locked to prevent monetary manipulation.

After all, a lot of people are already using wemod to get/unlock achievements easily than using conventional non-wemod method. What’s more to just implement a “one-click steam achievement unlocker”. That will make so many users happy, earn you more money (if you are only featuring it in Pro subscription), and save us even more time.

Just my two cents. thanks

Hey there!

Thanks for the love and feedback! While we appreciate the suggestion, currently, we’re not into making achievement unlockers, and there aren’t plans to do so to my knowledge. We’ll keep focusing on game trainers and making sure we’re nailing that part.


Why would you pay for an extra feature when you can do what you need completely free,albeit not in the WeMod app.Google “Steam Achievement Manager” and you’ll find a program that does exactly what you’re looking for,free of charge.

Google for SAM- Steam Achievement Manager.

It’s free download.

Sam is great for steam. And for xbox you can use this.

Because it injects the dll, windows defender flags it & does not let it load… Simply tell defender to restore it to begin cheating.

Blockquote This tool utilizes memory.dll to extract the user’s XAuth token from one of the Xbox app processes. The token is then used to make web requests to Xbox servers, pulling information on achievements and informing the server which of these achievements have been unlocked.