Steam Link + Big Picture Support

Could you please allow for a proper Big Picture/Steam Link support? It’s a major inconvenience to start the game through steam link, but have to walk to the PC to start the infinity mod and select which mods to use, then switch back to steam.

And that’s if Infinity works. Tried to use Infinity through Steam Link with a Non-Steam Game and it didn’t even acknowledge that it was running.


Sorry you have to get up and walk to your computer !
I use steam link on my deck but one awesome feature I have pro so I can use my phone siting right there to start the cheats
I do have to get up to start infinity tho !

He could use teamviewer to his computer 8)
From his phone.

Then he can sit there all day without getting some training. Sounds like a plan.

Just add Infinity as an non steam game and you can start it from big picture mode. you will still need mouse and keyboard to use it correctly though.

Edit: if you can configure the hotkeys to be controller hotkeys you wouldn’t even need the M+K