Steam screwing with Horizon

Hi, I know that my issue is quite specific because I found no cases like this on google, but I hope you can help anyway.
I’m trying to mod in a weapon on Borderlands the Pre-sequel and therefore need a save file to gib. It gets strange when I export it as it has the Half-life 2 logo on (even though I don’t have it, I assume it’s needed to run Team Fortress 2, which I have) instead of the black piece of paper the .sav file tends to have. When I click on the file’s properties is says that it is running in the ‘hl2’ and ask if I wan’t to change the default (also, is there a program I can default to to have that white paper icon?). What I am asking is if I can delete this hl2/tf2 program or default to another one to make it work?

P.S. I have tried uninstalling all 3 programs (Gibbed, Horizon and deleting Tf2)

Did you extract the .sav contents from the borderlands file? You will need to open it Horizon’s package manager to extract that.


Could you upload the file to mediafire?

So is your problem that gibbed can’t open the save? Are you sure you’re selecting Xbox save in the file type selection drop down box?

I had a Half Life 2 fan made game on one of my computers a while back, and it also caused a lot of my saved game files to have that Half Life logo, but they still loaded fine in gibbed and other editors.

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I don’t think it’s the problem with the save file itself, it’s with something in my computer. It changed ALL .sav files from my xbox to the hl2 .sav

Yes, I have done this before. I know that you need to change it from PC to XBOX 360

Can you open the save in gibbed or not?

Yeah it opens, but when I try in import it into horizon it says it is the wrong file type

So you can open it and modify it in gibbed just fine?

Remember you don’t import it, drag it in or try to inject it. You need to open your save in Horizon again, click on the contents tab, and then choose to replace the SaveGame.sav file with the newly modified version.

Holy **** I feel stupid… I am so sorry :anguished: