Steam's new Code of Conduct

I’m wondering if WeMod will become a bannable offense now? Has anyone heard anything.


" * Cheat
Examples of such prohibited behavior include: running cheat programs; smurfing; and artificially boosting your match-making rank. "

Honestly, I highly doubt it. The area you’re referencing is listed under “Online Conduct and Rules,” which, in my mind, relates pretty much exclusively to online play, i.e multiplayer games like Counter Strike or jumping into an online match with a trainer active (something WeMod does NOT condone). I think so long as you don’t play a game online with other people in a competitive setting, you should be fine. Most games you can play online with other people have an anti cheat that would most likely identify WeMod (if the game was launched through it and making an attempt to play an online match) and block it. Then again, I have no experience so I can’t say for sure.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t worry about it, I think trainers for offline play, or general single player (like a solo world in Valheim or single player Deep Rock Galactic) are totally acceptable with Steam.


Thank you. I just use for single player games.

Just wanted to check in.

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It’s their terms for online games. WeMod doesn’t make cheats for online games, nor does it condone any form of cheating online to ruin games for other gamers.

I’m pretty sure that section was in their old terms anyway. It had to be, otherwise they’d have had nothing to lean on in order to ban online cheaters in the last 20 years since they were founded (in 2003).