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Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Can’t open the trainer for some reason, says to check my firewall…etc, though all other trainers for other games work. Version issue?


Clear your cache with this: - ICDV2.bat - and try again.
If it does not work put the game folder as an exception in your AV


Instant Research seems to be the only feature currently working for me.


The 1.6 Adam update is out now. Instant Research is still the only feature currently operational. Maybe we could could an update to the trainer soon?


Trainer doesnt work anymore since the last Update (as skillerx13 said). An Update would be very cool guys :slight_smile:


I got a few to work but unlimited energy, minerals, and influence wont work.


The Stellaris cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Food cheat added
  • Unlimited Unity cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


keeps crashing the game once cheats are initialized tried a few times but same every time…also galactic civilizations 3 wont detect game for a year now but no one has updated or replied to that thread


That’s probably because of the new patch that came in yesterday.
@STN Will fix them as soon as he has time


Which cheats?


Just realized no one else has replied to this, so: all cheats. Any cheat being initialized seems to cause the game to crash.


I’m having the same problem as OracleIndex


i just tested the game and trainer is up to date. Are you using steam version?


Yeah, Does the game need to pass a few day before activating them?


No. It should work fine after loading the mission (offline).


Oh, Do you need Steam to be Offline, or do you mean the game, In which case I’ve tried with the game offline, It used to work until they added Utopia, Do you know of any mods that may clash with the trainer?


Mods might cause an issue. I meant the game being offline.


I’ll try with mods that affect resource production turned off when I next play, See if that fixes it :slight_smile:


Hm - that may have been what was causing the issue. I’m not sure what you mean by the game being offline, though? Either way, I generally was just hoping for something I can use in Ironman mode. If that’s not possible, that’s fine, just wasn’t sure how things were supposed to work.


Offline modes. The game doesn’t necessarily have to not be able to connect to internet. Imagine a gamemode that doesn’t require connecting to a external server.