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Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Ah! Hadn’t seen an option for that in Stellaris. Makes sense.


Don’t know if it helps anybody but I found passing a few days before turning on the cheats fixed the crashing issue for me.


Can confirm that passing a few days fixes the crashing issue. Thanks!


thanks for this, it works like a charm with the current up to date version of the game.


You’re welcome, that’s why i make them


The chats don’t work with the new Synthetic Dawn DLC


What cheats don’t work?


It appears that “Inventory” cheats (infinite energy, minerals etc) don’t work. Instant Research cheat still work though


Only Research Cheat works…


Unlimited Minerals & Energy dont seem to work, it enables, but in game it does not change.


im going to test witch cheats work for me later.


Adding on here. Similar experience as those above. Only the 'Instant Research" cheat is working. Tested offline (exe blocked in firewall), new game ironman and non ironman modes.


Okay. Added to my list -

I’ll check it out soon


Great :smiley:


It a new update since 25 October :disappointed_relieved: 1.8.3 currently

Also Unity dont work for me

by the way great work STN


the only cheat working at the moment is instant resaerch. the others dont do anything.


He is aware :slight_smile:


Busy with AAA titles


I would recommend you guys to just do it yourselves. I have waited and waited for an update for this game but he’s “busy with AAA titles” so I guess he doesn’t even consider this game worth updating lol. So my advice, do it yourselves as I did instead of waiting years on end. Lol (:


I didn’t even know you wanted it :scream: