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Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam


how is the update going?


Vote for an update


honestly speaking i would say dont even bother with update until Megacorp expansion comes out


Thank you and please vote for an update in the meantime :smiley:


why cant i find the update request anyway in request page?


Go to the trainer


why do you guys keep uping the vote requirment when we get so close its kinda annoying like we just need an update man


It changes based on an algorithm. It went up 141 votes, stellaris would still be about 300 votes short of the previous requirement.


Hi, is there a trainer to have unlimited influence? Cheers!


Any word on a new version of the trainer?


It is currently just under 400 votes needed :slight_smile:


Bummer… I dont have that many votes. :frowning:


Not a requirement by any means but we added the ability to purchase WePoints in the WeMod app, those can be exchanged for more votes :slight_smile:


Busy with Just Cause 4


How is the trainer going



y’all working on an update to the trainer right?


See the 4 comments above


Why does the update requirement keep going up? It went from 2500 to now 2613. it’s been voted and “coming soon” 4 times now.


The needed votes are dynamic dependend on how many games are getting voted on.
If it stays that high an update will come.

If a game that is in the top list gets updated you will see the needed requirements drop