Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I assume the vote for update are already passing the threshold that are needed. Need update, especially since the 2.6.1 hotfix update is here. Hope will be updated very soon.

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this… but it’s easier with a trainer that’s been highly requested.

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When I start the trainer for the game it works but it doesn’t launch at all, it just shows STELLARIS and it gives me a black screen and does nothing else at all

The Stellaris cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Valatile Moles cheat added
  • Unlimited Exoticc Gases cheat added
  • Unlimited Rare Crystals cheat added
  • Unlimited Living Metal cheat added
  • Unlimited Zro cheat added
  • Unlimited Dark Matter cheat added
  • Unlimited Nanites cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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It seems the unlimited naval capacity doesn’t work

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No job trainer version game (36760) GOG

BUG REPORT: ‘Unlimited Energy Credits’ does not actually effect Energy Credits.

BUG REPORT: Instant ship-building does not build ships instantly.

BUG REPORT: Instant-building does not apply to megastructures (negligible as an issue; can be fixed on the user’s end thanks to the handy inclusion of console-enabler regardless of ironman mode)

SUGGESTION: Resource cheats should maintain a minimum of 35k (default resources) at all times; 9.9k bottlenecks resources too low for mid-to-late-game play, whereas 999k (as in past trainers) make the cheatery obvious. 1M Resources is ~late-game cap.

All else works perfectly as far as I can tell, thank you very much!


Totally agree, 9.9k cap is too low, especially for unity

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The trainer can’t apply any cheats into the game.

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more alloy 9.9k is not enough.

Unlimited naval capacity - doesn’t work
Resources, 9.9k is very low
Fast construction doesn’t work on some things (Upgrading starbases, building ion cannons etc…).
Sometimes doesn’t apply into the game.

It doesnt work. All functions even dont activate.

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You have the game from steam ?
Did you press the play button first?

Yep. I finally activated “Fast construction (ships and stations)”,“Fast research”,“Naval capacity” and “Dev mode in Ironman”. But the rest functions don`t work.

трейнер не работает ни с steeam gog pirates версиями игры и не ток у меня тут проблемы с игрой

Please use English here in our forum, we don’t have any Russian-speaking members of staff that I’m aware of.

WeMod’s trainers are not built for pirated games. Pirated games will have compatibility issues with third-party software such as trainers. There is no fix for this other than buying the game legitimately.

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May we have higher limit of the Unlimited Unity 9.9K can only unlock 2 perks

Game crashed when applying fast-research.

Unlimited stuff is too low, why is it 9999 instead of what it used to be?

The Best Resserach value is 100K as well as Unity.
It would be awesome if we Could insert a Number ourself.
The other Cheats work perfectly fine


no job steam gog