STFS: Detected an invalid hash entry while allocating level 0 hash blocks

Hey guys I am experiencing a problem with weMod regarding my profile. Here is what happened:

I started modding achievements on my xbox 360 account which I have moved to a flash drive, this went quite well(4000G) but unfortunately now there is these field popping up when I try to unlock an achievement(see below) and its impossible to unlock anything. The popup message below asks me to contact a developer for further assistance, honestly the rest is not understandable for me since my computer skills are quite average.

As this isn’t enough of trouble the profile on the xbox(when you want to move it from the flash drive) shows that the profile is damaged7is suffering from an error and after being transferred to the xbox it can’t be used(the name disappeared, it just reads “faulty profile”).

Guys I d really use some help here so please help me fix this cause I really like weMod and would like to use it for some more time :smiley:

Also this here can appear

recover your profile from xbl and it should sort this issue

Hi, thanks for the quick response, does this mean I will have to redo all the modding?
I took quite some time and I would like to avoid do it all again and run in the same mistake :smiley:


Yes, you will need to redo it.