Stranded Deep Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Multiplayer is not supported? (i’m playing MP)

Unbreakable items works on everything but a hammer. Also, can we have an infinite crop grow please?

Playing in Single player

  • Unbreakable items not working for hammer.

  • Fly mode not turning on

  • Unlimited Fibers not working if it is about fibers that you craft or using as a fuel for still water.

  • Easy crafting will make the crafting menu disappear after turning it on. When turned off, crafting menu will disappear completely. Need to close the game and start another new game.

Instant, not infinite. sorry

Anyone looking for spawning cheats, it’s already just a function in the game. Press backslash to open the console, then use the command “dev.console true”. Then press forward-slash, find the desired item on the list and spawn it in however many times you want.

Also this trainer need an update because Fibers, Fats, and Proteins are no longer a part of the game, and the cheat “Indestructible Items” just doesn’t work. I went through tons of refined hammers making large structures rather than just using one. Also a “One Hit Destruct/Build” cheat would be wonderful if it’s possible to make such a thing. Building takes a long time, especially if the concept is still being designed as I go.

In response to Pope1414:

Fly Mode works in mine, but the name is a little misleading. It just turns the movement speed way up. If you want though, you can use the in-game dev console to fly as well. There’s a “Fly mode” button next to the list of spawning items.

Unlimited fibers is just old, the game has changed lots of times very quickly.

Easy Crafting works fine in my game without any special tricks. I just turn on F1 through F4, then F9 through F11, then Ctrl+F2 for crafting, then I go about my game. I don’t open any menus when doing this, and sometimes the buttons glitch and and turn off instead of on, but I just hit it again if it’s not the right sound.

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Multiplayer is widely known to be unsupported on WeMod because in a lot of MP games, it would lead to unfair advantages over others, bans, and just general bad publicity. In this game it’s kind of a gray area since it’s not PvP, but the principle still stands.

The Stranded Deep cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Can you add Teleport.


aobscanmodule(INJECT,UnityPlayer.dll,F2 0F 10 8B F0 01 00 00) // should be unique


dq 0

mov [pcoord],rbx

movsd xmm1,[rbx+000001F0]
jmp return

jmp newmem
nop 3
registersymbol(INJECT pcoord)


db F2 0F 10 8B F0 01 00 00

unregistersymbol(INJECT pcoord)
dealloc(newmem pcoord)

New Script

if syntaxcheck then return end

function checkKeys()

if isKeyPressed(VK_PRIOR) then
coordx = readDouble(“[Pcoord]+1f0”)
coordy = readDouble(“[Pcoord]+200”)
coordz = readDouble(“[Pcoord]+1f8”)

if isKeyPressed(VK_INSERT) then

speak(‘save 2’)
coordx2 = readDouble(“[Pcoord]+1f0”)
coordy2 = readDouble(“[Pcoord]+200”)
coordz2 = readDouble(“[Pcoord]+1f8”)

if isKeyPressed(VK_NEXT) then
writeDouble(“[Pcoord]+1f0”, coordx)
writeDouble(“[Pcoord]+200”, coordy)
writeDouble(“[Pcoord]+1f8”, coordz)

if isKeyPressed(VK_DELETE) then

speak(‘teleport 2’)
writeDouble(“[Pcoord]+1f0”, coordx2)
writeDouble(“[Pcoord]+200”, coordy2)
writeDouble(“[Pcoord]+1f8”, coordz2)


timer_setInterval(t, 10)
timer_onTimer(t, checkKeys)
timer_setEnabled(t, true)

timer_setEnabled(t, false)

is there a reason wemod wont see the 64 bit game?

Since last night the trainers stopped working. It can’t find the game most of the time or just the alt 1-2-3 choices work.

I have not seen any updates since then.

I reinstalled twice and on the last one it started to work again.

The “easy crafting” cheat keeps deactivating itself right after activation, aka is not working.

does using the cheat engine or your side effect the others on multiplayer

The Stranded Deep cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Hey, can you take a look at dead cell cheats? The infinite cells is not working. @MrAntiFun

Easy crafting does not work as of yesterday! Just giving a heads up, will crash the game after awhile. @MrAntiFun

Please update for Epic Launcher. Not a single option will work anymore