Street Fighter 5 is never coming to Xbox One, says Capcom

[/img]Street Fighter 5 is not a timed exclusive, and Capcom isn’t being coy about its arrangement with Sony.

Street Fighter 5 is coming to PC and PS4, but not Xbox One. This isn’t a Rise of the Tomb Raider-type deal where we all know a port is inbound even if nobody will say it outright; you simply won’t see Street Fighter 5 on Xbox One.

“The reality is that this is a real partnership. We are console exclusive for this franchise for this numbered run,” a Capcom representative told Gamespot.

While the representative wouldn’t be drawn on whether the PS4 version of the game will have additional post-launch content as a result of the arrangement, I suspect Capcom’s insistence on cross-platform play is what sealed the deal.

“The relationship with Sony does open doors for things we haven’t been able to do in the past,” Capcom said. “The relationship serves a gameplay and development purpose, and not just a marketing value.”

That certainly sounds like a cross-play reference to me. I don’t hold out much hope that Microsoft will relax its strictures on cross-play any time soon, unfortunately; while Sony and Nintendo have allowed cross-play between their consoles as well as PC and mobile devices, Microsoft seems determined not to let anybody interface with Xbox Live. It’s a shame, as the growing popularity of cross-play among consumers and developers may mean further exclusives like Street Fighter 5.

We had a go at Street Fighter 5 recently and found it to be a worthy successor to Street Fighter 4. It’s expected in March.