Subnautica Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hey there! Love your work, just wanna say that upfront.

I have a personal request, and I only ask because I don’t seem to have the option for the built-in cheats.

Could there be any work towards vehicle health cheats? Or simply just vehicular invincibility? My play style causes me to take damage to whatever I’m piloting, even the drones take damage :sweat_smile: . Mostly it’s the creatures attacking me.

Thank you for the great work so far!


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Mods are broken. Frequently they set the health, food, and water to 1 instead.
Edit: Game also crashes immediately upon activating a cheat. Random when it happens. Can’t tell if its related to “how much oxygen, life, food, water” is actually there when you activate or not…

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It doesn’t work at all for me. Game runs horribly and crashes within a few minutes.

some cheats work (easy crafting), some as long as you not take a tool in your hands (o2, water, food, speed,…). I got crashes with battery life and construction quite easy. Maybe someone can have a look into this? Thanks!

Yes please. I would love vehicle invincibility cheats. I hate it when my cyclops gets destroyed :frowning: