Suggestion: Boost Integration

Hi Creators, Staff, and members of the WeMod community,

One of the best parts of WeMod is the encapsulating focus on the community itself, with key examples being giveaways and how trainers are chosen, whether through general popularity online or through boosts in the app itself.

The list of trainers soon to be developed is primarily determined by popularity, but this scale of popularity is formed by online trends, such as a new AAA release gaining popularity, and the Notify Me button. I find it interesting how every game you boost also works as a Notify Me button, yet every Notify Me button on trainers yet to release does not work as a boost button.

However, I wouldn’t say I like how boosts are only limited to the Creators tab of the app, used only for boosting games already predetermined for trainers. While I don’t hold the creator’s perspective, my perspective as a consumer leads me to have 473 available boosts to use on games that I likely don’t have or don’t care about.

What needs to happen for the WeMod team to add the boost button to games that don’t yet have trainers, which means that, just like in the Creators tab, client-side apps can boost games straight from the game’s trainer page, whether it has one or not.

While this doesn’t have to happen for all games without trainers, as to avoid cluttering the Creators’ workloads, it would be a quality-of-life change for users with plenty of boosts to notice that one of their games is on the list right there next to the button to Launch Mods. It would invite more people to use their boosts since a lot of people with boosts likely go straight to the mods rather than any other tabs, myself included.

It might be an extra layer of complexity beyond simply telling people to “Check the Creators tab,” but inviting more people into boosting without needing to check their mail is sure to further push the idea of popularity deeming how likely a trainer is to get a trainer. Maybe it’ll even allow lesser-known games to get their five minutes of fame in WeMod.

Thanks for reading my idea, as convoluted as it might have been to read, and have a good day.


Thank you for your thoughtful message and feedback regarding the Boost feature on WeMod. We appreciate your recognition of the community-focused nature of WeMod, as well as your ideas for potential improvements.

We understand your desire to have the Boost button available for games that do not yet have trainers, directly from the game’s trainer page. While we can’t provide an immediate solution to this request, we value your input and will take it into consideration for future updates and enhancements.

Maintaining a balance between user experience and the workload of creators is crucial. While expanding the Boost feature beyond the Creators tab may bring benefits, it also presents complexities and considerations to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

We encourage you to continue sharing your ideas and suggestions, as they help shape the direction of WeMod. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy the features and offerings within the WeMod community.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, and have a wonderful day.

Best regards,
The WeMod Team