Suggestion for a new trainer: Fostering Apocalypse

Fostering Apocalypse is a survival based game where your choices matter;
So what better way to test those choices then with a trainer? Yes, you still can only pick 1 choice, but now you’ll be able to see the different outcomes.

Inventory cheats:

  • [toggle] Infinite items (Max: 99) (probably need at least 1 item to make it update)
  • [toggle] “feed” feeds Barrett hunger bar to full
  • [toggle] “Feed” heals Barretts health to full
  • [toggle] “Eat” restores Del’s hunger bar to full
  • [Toggle] “eat” restore’s Del’s health to full
  • [Toggle] “Eat” restore’s Del’s “extra” bar to full.

Del cheats:

  • [Toggle] Full hunger
  • [Toggle] Full Strength
  • [Toggle] Full Faith

Barrett Cheats:

  • [Toggle] Full hunger
  • [Toggle] Full strength

these cheats will allow you to explore every venue, but remember that not even cheats can keep you free of consequences in the story, be careful even if you think you’re a god with these on…