Suggestion for the front page: "How DOES Wemod Work?" more simplistic answer

The suggestion is for an tab before “How it works” titled “How DOES Wemod work? - Simplified”

Wemod is a downloadable app that is the largest platform for video game trainers. What’s a trainer? We don’t mean the kind that gets you fit IRL. A trainer is an application that changes values in the game while you have the game on. Wemod can change your HP Value so it never goes down, give your character infinite wealth, render needing upgrades for weapons useless, and much more. It automatically detects if you have the game on a PC Platform and runs it. From there you can cheat. It is important to note though: YOU CANNOT CHEAT IN MULTIPLAYER, Wemod will automatically disable itself in multiplayer sessions to the best of it’s abilities.
Push the games to their limits on platforms like Steam, GOG, Epic, even Xbox.
We truly do give power to the players.