Suggestion to add Games Folder to WeMod

as the title suggests, it’d be nice to have wemod check a custom folder for game titles or shortcuts. i.e. M:/Games/Game Title/.exe

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Hey there,
You can already manually select games. WeMod does not scan for game exes(or anything within the folder) so there is no way to point at an entire folder of games and WeMod knows what they are. Unless you are pirating games there should never be a need to do so but if this isn’t the case please let us know so we can help resolve the issue.

Je suis d’accord avec toi, Wemod n’est pas capable de ce rendre compte qu’un jeu tourne déjà en mémoire s’il ne vient pas d’un lanceur.
A l’installation Wemod devrait également créer sur le bureau un dossier WeGames ou dedans on pourrais y mettre les raccourcis de jeux que nous aurions nous même installé.

I agree with you, Wemod is not capable of realizing that a game is already running in memory if it does not come from a launcher.
When installing Wemod should also create a WeGames folder on the desktop where we can put the game shortcuts that we have installed ourselves.

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