[Suggestion] Trainer for Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront

I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a trainer for this game. It has a single player campaign part and single player custom games(based on my understanding). Maybe we can vote it via the Wemod app?

Hello. :slight_smile:

The way trainers get made or updated has changed since you last posted in the community over a year ago. There is no vote system anymore, it was not a great system.

Now trainers are made if there are enough WeModders who own that game. The WeMod software detects how many WeModders own the game and, if it is enough, it will eventually appear in the development queue, which you can see in the desktop app.
Pro users can spend premium currency called Boosts to bump trainers that are in the queue a bit higher up.
How the new system works: Game Queue - WeMod Support

This product you mentioned, which was only released yesterday, seems to be a DLC, not a game. In which case, the trainer for the game (Call to Arms Cheats and Trainers for PC - WeMod) will just need to be updated to be compatible with it. There is unlikely to be any need for an entirely new trainer.

I see. Thanks for letting me know :smile:

I didnt tried everything, but what i did worked well. Call to Arms trainer work well with CTA Gates of Hell

Thanks, I’ll try that :smiley: