Super Meat Boy Mod Tool v1.0

Please, anyone i would like to finish this editor so if anyone could send me there saves preferably as far in the game as possible as i lost mine i would really appreciate it

I posted this in the diamond downloads already not realising i should have just posted it here…

I just made an editor for it you can only mod the first area for now i will add the others as soon as i can ive added the second but still tweaking something so you will have to wait til later for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Here Is A Screen Of The Editor

Here Is A Screen Of The New Editor

Download Link (MU)

Super Meat Boy Save Editor v1.5 By Nekoblade

Rehash And Resign after using the editor and ENJOY :smiley:

if the download is giving the currently unavailable please just try again in a little while as i have literally just uploaded it

Thank You

Nice i just tried it and it works amazing!

Any way to get this game free?

There certainly is my friend
SuperMeatBoy profile and game thread

I have added a few more features i will upload the updated version a little later i have a few things to do

newer features:
you can reset you deaths
edit your percentage lol (if it works properly)
and some others

Thank you! +thanked, For your hard work.

Cool nice post

cool tool bro

Anyone have a save after the first boss but not with the 2nd boss beat? I killed my save a while back ) :

Thanks everyone i lost my save too thats why i havent updated the tool but if anyone could send me theres?

preferably as far as possible in the game

Thanks :smile:

doesnt work for me :stuck_out_tongue: like the download works and everythings fine but then when i go back on xbox nothing changes? i rehashed and resigned please help :smiley:

my bad, the bandages show up but i dont get characters. Is that supposed to happen or what am i doing wrong?

The thread to download Super Meat Boy is closed, does anybody have any links?

xbox360iso has gots it

Great tool great post :smile:.

just sent you a pm with the save but heres the link again smbsavedata.rar - 0.10MB

Isn’t working for me :confused:

Picture of error…

Grammar fail That happens with me, just read from save then put in the number and then write it and save it from “File” rehash and resign. Last post was from my phone and I just woke up.

Think you could retype that and have it make since?

I will update this very soon, just been pretty busy as of late