Surviving Mars Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Steam license. When starting directly - does not work, from the menu - crashes. Works partially on the map itself, but closes when building the extractor.

I notice that after i play the game for a while with wemod on it starts getting random crashes. When i start my save it shows the map and after that crashes. i tried starting the save without Unlimited credit and resarch active and the game still crashed. i tried running the save without wemod on and it worked again. is it possible that there is some kind of anti cheat software active?

@MrAntiFun the game crashes at the start, is it possible to update it to solve this problem? Thank you so much

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I found a solution to my crashing.

  • I launch from Steam,
  • pause the game,
  • launch the cheats from Wemod (Wemod can be running before launching, just do not launch from Wemod)
  • Launch the cheat
  • Save game BEFORE unpausing (On new save slot to avoid corruption
  • unpause the game, let it crash (Crash will happen whether or not you exit out of Wemod)
  • relaunch the game and profit unlimited cash. I did not do the unlimited research because it felt too much

The crash will happen no matter what you do when you unpause. The game should work just fine after launching again however without any crashes.

the cheats don’t work

The cheats have worked in my use, unmodded-started mods at main menu. Although the game crashes randomly.