Surviving mars

hello everyone first time doing this so apologies if something is off. I want to ask how does request system work? survivng mars was requested something like weeks ago and planetbase was not(or requested later) and today I saw planetbase trainer was out. Is it based on what time it was requested or different? thank you

Depends on the game. I tried surviving mars when it came out before it was funded and it is incredibly hard if not impossible to make a PROPER trainer for it, i guess that’s why it got funded so fast because other group’s trainers are not working properly - i didn’t want to release a half-working trainer that i know would only work sometimes.

You can mod the game by modifying/dropping files easily, memory editing it is a different issue.

Anyway, unknown_v2 is going to work on a solution for it so should be released soon. I don’t know an ETA for it

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