System Shock Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Works well in the Steam version.

Yes (steam)

The WeMod Interface: Please, please make the Scroll Bar wider.

Presently it’s so narrow and hard to grab, needs to be twice the width. I keep grabbing the edge.

Hello could you please make a cheat so it resets the timer on the hardest difficulty?I would greatly appreciate it since i heard it can be done via CheatEngine but im not good at it.

The Cortex Reaver on the Flight Deck cannot be killed when using this mod

For whatever reason the infinite health and the last hovered item amount do not work. The only ones which I’ve tried and work are Infinite Jumps and Infinite Energy. Have not tried any other cheats.


not a single option works


With yesterday’s update, they do need to be updated, unfortunately.

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is it just me or the increase items amount is not working? tried hovering and holding the item then changing its place still nothing any help?

As I pointed out: It was updated on April 11. None of the codes work for the current version.

The System Shock cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

thank you for the update

FOR ME the unlimited energy works well but unlimited ammo do not work every weapon use ammo.

this mod is good, but set item quantity one is very difficult to use, as seems if amount more than one cell could hold, those addition used cells in inventory could never able to release (can’t hover it, hence can’t drop)

I’ve noticed that the Cortex Reaver robot thing also gains the effects of the mods.

since the last update the infinite ammo code doesnt work

Where did you buy your game from?

unlimited health and energy make 1st boss immortal

Cortex Reaver? That’s the only one that becomes immortal for me.