[TEAM-ABRAXAS]Borderlands Pre-Sequel All Classes, Mods Level, Ammo, +more

[TEAM-ABRAXAS] Borderlands Pre-Sequel All Classes, Mods included Level, Ammo, Skill Points, Currency, Backpack

Mods included
Level, Ammo, Skill Points, Currency, Backpack.
Saved as Level 1 With Maxed XP It will Pop all Level Achievements.
V2 Update:
All Trees Maxed, No more skill Points. All are Level 50. Re-Modded Ammo

Don’t forget to Rehash & Resign
Team Abraxas is
FatPat666 XPGOByto xKrewella darkhiyoo

Damn, already Pat? I don’t have the game yet, but I’m sure what’s advertised is what’s delivered based on your previous work.


Had these saves yesterday :smile: Working on Weapons now :thumbsup:

will you update the thread once you have the guns added, goiing to get the game Friday, but this will be fun to play on an offline account

Yeah I will. But since Im only at the begin i have to play a little to find some weapons.

thx fat

Version 2 Added

I cant get the webpage to load its driving me slowly mad…

Cool save, I used gibbed but I would of liked to use these.

a quick question could someone refresh my memory on how to install this mod on to to my flash drive using horrizon i used it a lot when i mod’ed skyrim i just need to know to take the old file out and put the new one in ,much thanks to anyone that can help

You can just drag it in and choose it when you start up the game :smile:

currently using one of your saves, worked great until I played online with a few friends to get the Sub 13 and a couple of co op achievements online. once I did a lost all of my still points, so i’m at level 25 now w/o any skill points and dying a lot without them.

so the question is can I use any sort of program to restore them etc, and or what other options to I have other than starting over. i’m not all that far from completing the game including all of the complete level 1 of all of the missions etc

tks in advance

You could use the Gibbed Pre-Sequel save editor found here: http://blog.gib.me/
Direct download of the editor: http://blog.gib.me/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/saveedit_r31.zip