Temple Run 2 Infinite Coins!

Messed up downloading the editing data, anyone want to upload to something BETTER than waiting 40+ mins?

Well the gamedata.txt is really easy to find the values. But when you try to edit them, it’ll start you over completely so either save a backup incase you **** up. Still going to play with it since his download link sucks balls.

Yeah I’ve tried editing a lot now, and it’s reset my data even if I revert to an old save.
I have no idea what he did to make it stick when transferring…

I just edited this into it.

{"hash":"329e3aa5369f53984243dbb2ac66b223","data":{"version":7,"Players":[{"v":1,"pid":1,"bestScore":1933450,"bestCoinScore":96,"bestSpecialCurrencyScore":0,"bestDistanceScore":11818,"lifetimePlays":23,"lifetimeCoins":98,"lifetimeSpecialCurrency":0,"lifetimeDistance":55687,"coinCount":2659,"specialCurrencyCount":2,"activePlayerCharacter":0,"gameCenterNeedsUpdate":true,"artifactsPurchased":[10,0,1,2,40,3],"artifactsDiscovered":[],"objectives":[2,1,0,5,4,7,6,9,3,11,8,10,17,16,15,13,18,14,22],"powersPurchased":[0,4],"randomSeed":37161320,"numberResurectsUsed":0,"hashID":"6f69bdf5d1863c181420f292389d5de8","Buffs":[],"objectivesActiveData":[{"Title":"1/2 Million Club","IconNamePre":"","IconName":"","DescriptionPre":"Score 500,000 points","Description":"Scored 500,000 points","Points":1,"Hidden":false,"CanEarnMoreThanOnce":false,"Difficulty":25,"T":"Score","TT":"PerRun","FT":"None","SV":500000,"EarnedSV":0,"PID":21,"GCID":"com.imangi.templerun2.score500000"},{"Title":"Power Collector","IconNamePre":"","IconName":"","DescriptionPre":"Unlock a 2nd powerup","Description":"Unlock a 2nd powerup","Points":0,"Hidden":false,"CanEarnMoreThanOnce":false,"Difficulty":15,"T":"UnlockPowerups","TT":"PerRun","FT":"None","SV":2,"EarnedSV":1,"PID":12,"GCID":"com.imangi.templerun2.unlockpowerup2"},{"Title":"Double Resurrection","IconNamePre":"","IconName":"","DescriptionPre":"Use 'Save Me' twice in one run","Description":"Used 'Save Me' twice in one run","Points":1,"Hidden":false,"CanEarnMoreThanOnce":false,"Difficulty":25,"T":"Resurrects","TT":"PerRun","FT":"None","SV":2,"EarnedSV":0,"PID":23,"GCID":"com.imangi.templerun2.saveme2"}]}],"Characters":[{"v":1,"displayname":"Guy Dangerous","cid":0,"gear":[0,-1,-1,-1],"u":true,"uc":1200,"ct":"Coin","pvi":0,"art":[-1,-1,-1],"pid":0},{"v":1,"displayname":"Scarlett Fox","cid":1,"gear":[0,-1,-1,-1],"u":false,"uc":5000,"ct":"Coin","pvi":1,"art":[-1,-1,-1],"pid":0},{"v":1,"displayname":"Barry Bones","cid":2,"gear":[0,-1,-1,-1],"u":false,"uc":15000,"ct":"Coin","pvi":2,"art":[-1,-1,-1],"pid":0},{"v":1,"displayname":"Karma Lee","cid":3,"gear":[0,-1,-1,-1],"u":false,"uc":25000,"ct":"Coin","pvi":3,"art":[-1,-1,-1],"pid":0},{"v":1,"displayname":"Montanna Smith","cid":4,"gear":[0,-1,-1,-1],"u":false,"uc":25000,"ct":"Coin","pvi":4,"art":[-1,-1,-1],"pid":0},{"v":1,"displayname":"Francisco Montoya","cid":5,"gear":[0,-1,-1,-1],"u":false,"uc":25000,"ct":"Coin","pvi":5,"art":[-1,-1,-1],"pid":0},{"v":1,"displayname":"Zack Wonder","cid":6,"gear":[0,-1,-1,-1],"u":false,"uc":25000,"ct":"Coin","pvi":6,"art":[-1,-1,-1],"pid":0}],"ShowTutorial":false,"SMT":false,"ShowFriendMarkers":false,"SoundVolume":0.5,"MusicVolume":0.5,"LikeFB":false,"LikeTw":false,"LastPromoNumber":8,"TwitterURL":"http://bit.ly/TempleRun2","TwitterMessage":"I got {0} points while escaping from a Giant Demon Monkey in Temple Run 2. Beat that! {1}","ReviewBegEnable":true,"HSCCI":true,"HSAS":true,"HSPS":true,"HSNAS":false,"HSNPS":true}}

Did it stick?

Yup. If it doesn’t for you, go into notepad and make a gamedata.txt and put that code into it.

Nope, it reset my data.

K, well try in the program and right click the game data, remove it all, and post what I posted in the gamedata.txt but before you save, make sure temple run is fully closed in you device then save it. Reopen it and see if it sticks.

Did exactly what you said and it still reset my data.

Waiting another 10 minutes for his download to work.

I am not getting a iphone.

Heres my save. I had another hacked save that I started with and I upgraded everything as well as playing it up to level 7 (8?) It has 999363694 coins and 999998278 gems. Works perfectly for me so it should for you as well. Have fun!

edit: i had to zip it because apparently mediafire does crazy **** with text files

It worked for me, thanks dude:p

When was there a Temple Run 2… ? I never knew there were a Temple Run 2… O.o

unfortunately im stuck on the hardest challenges haha (100,000 coins, 1,000,000 meters)

Forget what I said, it came out 2 days ago. Woow. It looks good. lool.
Will this also work for Temple run? (the first one?) and btw, will this work for Android?

it just came out a few days ago. it releases for android on the 24th and im not sure if the save will work on android. i would assume so but no guarantees

Okay, thanks. I really want this to work on my Android. :slight_smile: Hope its the same steps. :smiley:D


I was wondering if you could tell me what program you are using in that video. Thank you.

He said it in the beginning of the video, you would’ve known this, had you watched it. It’s a program called DiskAid for Windows and Mac.