Terraria World Converter (XBox 360 <-> PC)

Terraria World Converter v0.2.0.0

How to use:
1.) Select the conversion you want (PC -> XBox 360) or (XBox 360 -> PC).
2.) Select the world you want to convert.
3.) Select the destination folder, where the converted map will be saved.
4.) Click the button to convert.

Warning: This converter only can read and save the newest PC format and is NOT backward compatible for now.

Note: This converter may also work with PS3 worlds. Just convert 360 -> PC to test it out.


Have fun :wink:

Just updated the converter. Now you can convert (XBox -> PC) and (PC -> XBox), but this converter can only read and save the worlds of the newest version of the PC for now. Anyway, have fun with converting your worlds. :wink:

works thanks.

Hello! I was wondering how to use this… It’s pretty straight-forward, but my TEdit3 can’t process the end result. I’m not sure why…

I Made this converter, before the 1.2 update came out, that is why it doesn’t work any more.
Will make an update if the console version is updated fully to 1.2 next year.

For now you can only use it with older PC versions.

umm i have a huge question does this work or been tested on ps3 because it says it might work on ps3.

it doesnt let me download it? why :confused:

I’ve tried several worlds from both xbox and pc either way it said I haven’t selected a world… Any ideas? Have you thought of making a how to video? Perhaps I’m doing something wrong

Philymaster i just downloaded your converter and every time i use it, it jsut keeps giving me a error. please help me asap


is there a new version for 1.2 available or in the making yet?

I’d like to edit some 1.2 maps on the Xbox… i also have an old map that I’ve put a lot of work into that no longer loads on the Xbox after the update… i thought maybe if i can convert it with this tool, i will then be able to use TEdit to move parts of that world onto a new 1.2 map


Where should i get the maps from because whenever i download a map it is a notepad

Any chance this will be updated to work with the current versions of Terraria on PC/360? PC is on 1.2.3 whilst 360 is on 1.2 (and really buggy, chests don’t spawn, worlds are corrupt, game-breaking bugs, etc).

Whenever I try to convert a file, it keeps saying “An error occurs while trying to convert your world” please help ASAP

^^ you can’t convert 1.2 worlds… i think that is the main issue now… you’ll run into errors whenever you try to convert maps that has 1.2 content… i think the creator of the program said (in this thread) that there would be made a 1.2 version when the update reached the xbox… and that update has been around a for a few weeks now… perhaps he is no longer around on this forum, or have not seen the thread… or is busy with other stuff

Since I recieved some messages about the world converter with 1.2 worlds, I looked at the new world formats for both versions (PC, Console).

Seems that both formats are the same now and the converter is NOT needed anymore to use the PC maps on consoles and vice versa. :smiley:
It would be nice, if someone could confirm that, because I only have two world. :wink:

I’ve tried and continuously got a failed to load error when loading PC worlds on Xbox.

Uhm, that is strange, because PC worlds are the same as the Console 1.2 worlds. Perhaps the guy, who send me his worlds has named them wrong? I don’t know.

It would be nice if you could send me a PC world and one of the console, created with 1.2.

the worlds may be the same, but does not map files also contain stuff like chest content as well? …because i think has a lot more new content that 1.2 does not have… and maybe if a world has any of that new that kind of content, it will not work?

for me it keeps saying that i havent selected a world but it lets me choose the world file???

Yeah, despite the fact that the 360 version and PC versions both use WLD files, there is no compatibility. And obviously the converter program no longer works.

Hope the author fixes it soon.