Terraria XBox 360 World and Character editor

Horizon should have an editor for the XBox 360 version of Terraria that combines the functionality of the latest version of TEdit and TerrariForm (TEdit the World Editor and TerrariForm Character editor) Because now that 1.2 is out on the Console version and because you can’t use PC World Saves anymore, it would be nice for Horizon to have an editor for Terraria XBox 360 Edition which will allow you to make your own worlds and edit your character and give him/her whatever items you want, whatever armor/vanity set with dyes, etc. It would save a lot of people the trouble of editing their character saves by Hex Editor as you have to fix the checksum every time you make any changes to your character save by Hex Editor. What do you guys think?

Hi Chaos_Lord, After a long search through Ellipse and other programs I found that modding the character was too difficult for me anyway (lol) so i decided to go with the world Mod, I got the rar files off mediafire Via youtube not sure if i am allowed to post the files on here so message me and i will point you in the right direction, Put your world save from Terraria on a usb take it to your PC open Horizon open game>terraria> then move your world save into the grey shaded box in the middle, click on contents right click on the world in the white box and inject file, the file you should download will no longer consist of a bunch of 0000000000 but it will say WORLD0.wld inject that file wait even though it looks like its crashing when its injected rehash and resign wait again even though it says not responding, when complete move it back to your xbox and nove back to your hard drive load the game up and hey presto a world FULL of of updated items from after the 1.2 patch

But what if you want to fight Plantera over and over without having to wait every 1 or 2 in-game days for new bulbs to spawn? If there was a World Editor for Terraria XBox 360 on Horizon, you can place Plantera’s Bulbs anywhere in the Underground Jungle or even on the surface Jungle. (BEWARE: If you break the bulb on the surface, Plantera will already be in her enraged stage, so don’t do it unless you want a challenge.)

EDIT: Wow, this thread’s already close to 200 views and not a single person has replied since scottkav73! This must be a great idea I hope. I hope it actually happens! :thumbsup:

Sheesh, 400 views and not one person has replied yet. Does this mean that this program I suggested is being worked on?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say no…

Really tho. 2 months ago and you’d think he’d give up.

Why would I give up on this? I’ve been playing Terraria since the update finally came out and I was hoping somebody would actually make an editor for this version as Philymaster’s World Converter does not work for it anymore.

hei on an unrealated side note, there is this person named rezo that has made a bunch of all items maps on xbox 360 edition. and there are now hundreds of tutorials if you are still lost. tedit also has this abillity to add “sprites” which is every single possible entity in the entire game. so just make a blank world, and add all the things you want, and replace a useless world in your worlds file on xbox. lol 10.6k views, 4 users and 7 replies. that is funny

and necromancing is also funny i see :stuck_out_tongue: , views are counted even when people enter via google and are not part of the community, also if you revisit a post, it gets 1 more view, so those 4 users had to revisit this thread 2500 times each.

sp: ReZo DriZzLe YT is the youtube channel you mentioned ^^ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdoVyVQeKJNwQSRFpLXfVQA

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yeah I really hope someone picks up on the maps and work my buddy ReZo has done. i really need a new editor. I also make Xbox 360 terraria maps you might have come across my channel before. but i need a new editor!