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TerraTech Cheats and Trainer for Steam


please add support for tt_unstable version of terratech


Support will be only for steam version , not what ever that version even is


uh that version is a beta thingy in steam, properties/betas/ what he said. its an early development version for the game. it had multi player before the stable branch


what version of terratech does this trainer work with?, it says my version is not supported.


so far the only cheats that work for me in 2018 are friends of all, infinite cash and disable AI, the others cant be enabled…perhaps the cheats don’t work on unstable builds of terratech. as stated before the following do and dont work.

  1. Friend of Everyone [:heavy_check_mark:]
  2. Disable AI [:heavy_check_mark:]
  3. Unlimited Money [:heavy_check_mark:]
  4. Enable Debug Mode [✘] this cheat seems to have an issue with the steam version and thus wont enable making the others that use debug mode not work
  5. Give Money [✘]
  6. Spawn Unit [✘]
  7. Skip Day or Night [✘]
  8. Invader Information [✘]
  9. GSO Add XP [✘]
  10. GEO Add XP [✘]
  11. VEN Add XP [✘]


Vote for an update.

By the way game devs are douchebags and break the debug mode. Why can’t they make up their minds and stop changing stuff in their game?


Can you please fix debug mode for the steam edition?


Learn to read please


this trainer dosnt seem to work well with terratech TT Unstable just yet


above your post is the answer


The trainer is outdated can you please updtae it?


This game is unpopular and older so the best way to have the trainer updated is to vote for it using the “Request Update” button in the WeMod app, and then select the amount of votes you’d like to contribute! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh okay