Test Drive Unlimited 2 Game Save![Maxed Out]

So, I 've been working hard on this. I play this game on average atleast 5-10 hours a day if not more just cruising around with friends and doing nothing. I have( I think) All the licences except 1 - It’s only missing 4 more tests in it! In all honesty, it’s such an easy licence to get you should be able to do it on your own. This save consists of:

Every house on BOTH islands unlocked.
Every single car purchased and fully upgraded to level “4”.
A lot of roads unlocked on Ibiza and a good portion on Hawaii.
All licences except 1, I believe, but you have 4 more tests only to pass it. I got lazy and went to bed last night instead.
Money modded to 156mil so it does not look way off the chart and get you noticed by devs.
All areas are fully maxed out in “reputation”.
Level 61 Global, 15 Social, 16 Compeition, 15 Discovery and 15 Collection.
61 houses, 77 cars.

i’d appreciate if you use this, to change the look of your chr and maybe some car colors so I don’t have thousands of my avatar around lol.

Be sure to edit your TDU Life in your house, and I hope you guys enjoy. No championships except the first one has been touched.

A thank would be very generous with all the hard work I literally put into this gamesave finding everything and buying/maxing everything - But is not required.

Have fun and hope to see you cruising around on Test Drive Unlimited 2 soon!

Avatar Save: http://www.mediafire.com/?yobo13y4o8t44aa

Licence Save: http://www.mediafire.com/?v85zd1pw74vsq4h

Player Save: http://www.mediafire.com/?4hj8aujs7373v6p

Rehash and Resign each of those with your IDs and enjoy. <3

edit: you deleted the licenses file.

For some reason the whole files mixed up and it duplicated my playersave upload with my licence… give me a min

Okay then.

Links are now fixed - Enjoy the save!

Thanks stevie

Awesome thanks a bunch, can’t wait to use them! xD

Dude… we have a button for this.

Lol everytime i sign on xbox your always playing TDU 2, But good job, ill try this

Lol like I said… I play 5-10+ hours a day depending on when I wake up and finish work, and if i’m off haha. I love the game, the cruising aspect of it.

this is my soul mate we decided on him posting this last night <3

StevieRox is <3

So can anyone confirm it works? :stuck_out_tongue:

Me it works

Great save Stevie Rox,

Are you going to re-upload a new save when you 100% the game (all races, championships, etc…)?

worked for me thanks

Nice work, working but not going to use it…

Yea. I’ll update the gamesave when I do more(roads i’m currently working on)

Very nice… Lol i didn’t know TDU2 was even out yet :stuck_out_tongue: So I’ll go buy it and download this shtuff…

I had a save for you guys… But it got corrupted. I had 95% road completion and then it corrupted… :anguished:

It happened too me aswell Stevie Rox. He is what atari have to say on all the bugs.

Atari and Eden Games have issued a thank-you to the Test Drive Unlimited 2 community for the “continued support and feedback”, which has helped the developer identify a number of issues in the game that will be rectified in a forthcoming patch.

“We really appreciate your patience in this matter and we would like to announce that we will be making the first premium DLC for the game free for everybody as a way of saying thank you,” reads a statement from Atari and Eden.

This premium DLC will be the ‘Exploration Pack’, which introduces new wrecks to be discovered in order to unlock the Lancia Stratos version Rallye and 1969 Dodge Charger. The update meanwhile, will incorporate a range of fixes for both the full game of TDU2 and the somewhat buggy Casino Online DLC, following approval from Microsoft.

Here’s a list of the issues that will be fixed in the patch once it’s passed by MS:

* Logging into the game has been improved
* Once into the game the online network experience is now much more stable in all areas
* Save games no longer corrupt 
* Existing corrupted save games will be repaired in many cases 
* Friends lists are now populated 
* Invites now work correctly
* Clubs have been brought back online 
* Exploits to gain money have been fixed 
* Casino access has been improved
* Players will no longer lose money because of the Casino bug

“The team spends a great deal of time looking at community feedback, so please keep posting your comments to the official TDU2 forums and we look forward to seeing you in Ibiza”, the statement concludes. Look out for the TDU2 patch in the near future.