The Achievement Unlocker

So, to start this off, why is the achievement unlocker still diamond?

The features of it aren’t really up to par with other free achievement unlockers, and so why hide this one behind a paywall.
Yes, it isn’t much of a paywall, but it still doesn’t really make much sense.

The topic of milliseconds has been discussed before, and I don’t quite see why they cannot be implemented.
It certainly is not impossible as seen with another program that I know which is free, so why can’t Horizon’s also include such a thing?

Achievement reordering would be a nice thing and same goes for relocking achievements for profiles with an achievement that have not synced up to LIVE.

So, isn’t Diamond for Horizon supposed to be the premium modding tool with the best quality of tools that it can have? Then why would something like the achievement unlocker still be premium if it isn’t exactly up to par with other alternatives?

For the topic placement within this exact forum, I don’t really consider this a feature suggestion, but more of a discussion on the current achievement unlocker.

Milliseconds were added in the latest horizon update(

I hear you, and completely agree with you, but the achievement unlocker is obviously a big reason why new members buy Diamond, and the owner and developers want it as a Diamond only feature. I’m not going to argue about it now, since it has been implemented.

I did take a look at it (, but it still seems to be cut off at seconds.

You know, I haven’t actually used it yet, but from what I understand it now randomizes everything after seconds down to the millisecond.

That is a bit harder to verify currently with having been revamped not too long ago which made any and all millisecond userscript obsolete (not sure how those sites are currently verifying them).

Down the line, milliseconds will more than likely make a return to the public eye.

Random is a good idea for milliseconds, but it should be displayed, too.

Don’t even try using Achievements Unlocker. Xbox Enforcement reseted and suspedned my account last month for 2 weeks. They are still active. More then ever I believe. (2015) Modding save files and game content is pretty much safe to do.

lol, don’t unlock achievements for 50 games at once.
Be smart, go little at a time, and always use timestamps…but then really? Why do you care about unlocking achievements? What is the point of having a number go up next to your name?

Also, old topic is old.