The CoD Elite Title + Emblem

This is just to show yo all what they will look like.

<------ Premium

<------ Founder

<----- Premium / Founder Emblem


Founder Emblem<-----------

Founder Camo<--------

You will get the Green Title AND the camo 2 DAYS after you get the silver one. Have a nice day!


  1. Delete CoD ELITE from Xbox 360 Console
  2. Go re-download it!
    3 Sign in and stay the elite screen where it says “Welcome to: Call of Duty ELITE” for 1 MUNUTE!
  3. Hit the middle button on the Xbox Controller. This will open the “Xbox Guide”
  4. Hit left, then hit down twice. You should have “Quick Launch” highlited
  5. Hit A on your controller
  6. Hit right twice (At the top, the “All” tab will be highlighted
  7. Scroll Down to Modern Warfare 3
  8. Launch it.
  9. Go to multiplayer
  10. Go to Callsign
  11. You should have the NEW title and Emblem! (IF NOT: go to create a class, then back out and go back to titles and emblems. It will be there.)
  12. Once you see them, put them on and show them off! They look GREAT!!!

DOUBLE XP for 2 hours will also activate along with this also!

Credit to: maniac3456

Video for Modern Warfare 3 Founder Camo + Title and Emblem (ELITE)

credit to someone who doesnt want me to say

The tutorial, do you have to have an elite subscription?

ya its premium

Was wondering why I didnt get my founder one. Thanks.

I can’t even sign into Elite…

I have the silver title, and the emblem, not the green title though.

did you wait a few days?

Didn’t work for me. :anguished:

I got this last night. I’m still waiting for the green title.

green takes a few days i want it :smiley:

So I had to have bought Elite to get these?

Yes Sir.

OP: :thumbsup: Got mine this morning when I got on along with my double XP, Got to prestige faster with it! :thumbsup:

How do you reinstall Elite? or Where do you go to reinstall it?

Also when double xp activates does it continue for 2 hours of play time or straight out 2 hours of real time.

2 Hours of In game play.

delete it off hard drive then redownload. 2 hrs of playing time

When does the founder window for Elite end? Still debating whether to buy it or not.

Thanks but how do I reinstall/redownload. I wanna make sure I know how before I delete it.

they extended it till end of this month to get founder.

It worked for me hahahahahahahahahah :smirk:

I think it either has to be before or on the 13th.

No, Everyone who has premium gets an extra 30 days of premium for the issues they’ve been having.