The Complete Guide to Botting on Runescape after the bot nuke

Your probably saying … “botting isn’t possible anymore, rsbot is down so botting is over” . Anyways, I’m here to tell you that it is not . There are 2 different kinds of bots in runescape .

Color Bots - Color bots run off of bitmaps formulated from colors on the mini-map around the area your botting . They search for a certain color that is specific to one location . They are very wonderful bots if your doing simple skills that don’t require loads of movement . They are also the only bots currently working .

Reflection/ID Bots - These are what Jagex destroyed . I saw many sites shut down and many more sites give false release dates on their bots after nuke day . I gave up on them . What happened was , Jagex saw that the botters were using in game item ID’s coupled with reflection to walk and train many skills . So now that little update every 6 or so hours on RS is to change the ID’s . Therefore rendering the bots useless .

The main contender for color botting and scripting is Simba which can be downloaded here -

Once you have downloaded Simba, you must download the scripts you want to use . The script page can be found here - Runescape Scripts - SRL-Forums
These are all the color scripts currently released for Simba .

I have been using color bots for about a month now and got 99 fletching and 99 woodcutting along with 91 fishing and 88 Strength . They also have mini-game scripts like pestcontrol and they are close to releasing soul wars .

Anyways , I know I have seen some people asking about the bots and what bot to use now that reflection and ID bots are useless .

I hope this helped

~Sade Zero < 3

more than likely this is a buncha bs. lol

Haha You cant bot anymore in rs dude

anyway even if you can i would reccomend you dont as its not fair on the other fellow players on rs botters are a bunch of newbs thats all

Apparently you don’t keep up with botting news… Go check out any botting site, most people are talking about these color bots. How do you think there were people still botting green dragons a couple of days after the nuke?

okay fine there are bots but why would you wanna use it anyway
if you wanna be the best play fair
cheaters never prosper

Yet you signed up on a modding site? Seems like a contradiction to what you said.

tbh im just here on this site to talk to lovely people im not modding here
but botting is inappropriate on online multiplayer games

btw talk in post we dont wanna spam in thread will do you well.

Simba is the first bot that came out for RS back in Classic

Honestly, I don’t want to bot anymore. Since the bot nuke happened it has shown me that I don’t need botting to have fun on the game.

Well , I have fun . I just let this make me money :smile: lol
Money=Fun . I prosper :smiley:


No more legitscape :cry: