The Crew 2 Mod Menu Page

I know the need for speed games have mod menu’s on this app. I think the crew 2 would be a great fit! It could have some of the following:

-Unlimited Boost
-Add 500k Cash
-Add 500k Followers
-Add 50k Scrap Parts
-Teleport to Marker
-Finish in 1st Place
-Add 50k Points (For point based events)
-Finish in Platinum for Summit (Until it ends)
-Add 2x Vehicle Top Speed and Acceleration
-Freeze Ai Vehicles
-Remove AI Vehicles (From Races)

I think most of these are worthy of the list. The Summit one is very debatable as it requires work to compete. I hope this game at least gets added. Let me know any of your thoughts too!

Hello! :slight_smile:

This game is not and cannot be supported by WeMod due to the fact it is an MMO.
See here: The Crew 2 Cheats and Trainers for PC - WeMod.

  • Trainers are for client-sided (single player, offline) game modes only - for technical, moral and legal reasons. Trainers work by injecting code into the client-sided game’s memory addresses within your PC’s RAM.

  • Since this is a server-sided game (multiplayer, online) the game is running on a server that is hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles away from you - not on your PC. Therefore, there are no memory addresses in your PC’s RAM that a trainer can inject into. Even “single player” mode in most MMOs are still server-sided.