The Devs and Scum Trainers

Hi to the Developers and Moderators, would like to say to you all what great work you are doing with regards to the SCUM Trainer at times it must makes the Trainer devs pull their hair out with so many updates to this Scum game I would like to say what a great place to be on WEMOD a great gamers website awesome Trainers, so glad I am a PRO user the membership cost is worth every $$$$$ and ££££’s on that I wish all members and the above staff Good Luck, THANK YOU for your undying work.


Hello and thank you for your kind words. :star_struck:

And thank you also for contributing towards the maintenance and upkeep costs of the software by going Pro, it’s hugely appreciated!

I’m glad that you get a lot of enjoyment from WeMod, and hope you will do so for a very, very long time.

And yes, I’m sure the trainer developers have a trainer or two that drives them round to insanity street every now and again. :laughing:

Have an epic day week month year century. :tea:

Thank you Ravenfyre for those very nice words. :slight_smile: lol I was 75 years old last September I have no intention of going any place soon.

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The Scum updates can be annoying. Welcome and thanks for supporting us :slight_smile:

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