The Division 2 SHD Level Query?

Hi lads,

I was just wondering if it’s possible to boost XP or increase your watch SHD level with WeMod? I know you guys don’t do online multiplayer titles which I agree with. However, I noticed that some PvE online games do get some sort of mods. I’m not looking for an advantage over other players as I only play the PvE portion of the game with friends and the wife.

Is this a possibility? I moved from Xbox to PC last year, and in Div 2 on Xbox I was well over my 1000 SHD level for my watch and it’s a pain to grind again on PC.

Appreciate any feedback, Cheers!

It most likely won’t because of the PVP portion of the game.

Yeah, I kind of guessed it would be a no-no… I was just curious.