The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Achievements List/Guide

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Achievements List/Guide

Adept (10g) Reach Level 10

Simply reach level 10 by doing quests.

Alduins Wall (20g) Complete Alduins Wall

Alduins wall is a Main storyline quest, and as such is unmissable if you play the main story.

The quest itself features 2 puzzles, none of them are too much trouble…

Puzzle 1 - A pillar moving puzzle, there will be 3 pillars next to each other, simply rotate the pillars until they display the symbol that is already on the pillar to the far right, the dragonborn symbol. MEMORIZE THIS SYMBOL.

Puzzle 2 - This is a room full of tiles, the only way to avoid setting off the trap, is to step on the tiles that have the dragonborn symbol from puzzle 1 displayed on them.

Apprentice (5g) Reach Level 5

You will get this achievement pretty early in the game.

You see it on screen when you levelup, to level up, go to the magic, item, map skill screen and press up twice.
You level by leveling your skills. So make sure you use a lot of magic spells and fight with different weapons. Make sure that after each time you level you spend your skill point in your skill tree. The only way by not getting this achievement is avoiding all monsters, never use magic and don’t level your skills.
Train all skills and you will get this in no time.

Artificer (10g) Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion

Smithing: Go to whiterun. You will get a small introduction on smithing there (first building to the right as soon as you enter through the gate)

Enchanted item: keep going into dragonsreach (up the hill in whiterun) there will be an altar for enchanting to the right of the Jarl’s throne. You do need a filled soulgem create and an enchanted item to destroy

Potion: right next to the enchantment altar in dragonsreach there is an alchemy altar. Just get a couple of ingredients and eat one of each. Then combine two ingredients that have the same effect into a potion

Blessed (10g) Select a Standing Stone blessing

After you leave the first dungeon from the main quest with the guard, follow him. He will walk outside down a path, after a while he will stand still at three stones. You cannot miss it. Use your activate button on one of them and you will unlock the achievement.

The stones represent star signs, at those three there is a warrior, wizard and thief. They give you bonuses by leveling faster some of your skills, or have special effects. There are more of these stones in Skyrim, but these are the easiest and earliest ones you can find. You can only have one stone active at a time.

You can see the stones on the map too if you’ve discovered them.
Also, some of the red crosses on your map you get with the game, mark these stones, but not all.
There are even some books, if you read them, a stone will be marked on your map.

Blood Oath (10g) Become a member of the Circle

During the Companions’ questline, ‘The Silver Hand’ to be exact, you will be given the choice of joining the Circle.
Accept their gift to gain a new power along with this achievement. This new power has pros and cons, so you might want to check a wiki and reload the game if it doesn’t suit you.

The Companions are located in the Jorrvaskr house in Whiterun and can be joined at any point throughout the game.

Bound Until Death (10g) Complete Bound Until Death

This mission is part of the Dark Brotherhood questline. So long as you follow that story, you will unlock this achievement, regardless of whether or not you complete the optional objectives during the missions. This achievement is technically “unmissable,” as long as you join the Dark Brotherhood.

Citizen (10g) - Buy a house

Your first chance to buy a house will be in Whiterun. After completing the quest offered by the Jarl, located in Dragonsreach, you will be able to buy a house (Breezehome) for 5000 gold from his steward. It’s the second house on your right when you enter Whiterun, but it’s the cheapest one, and obviously quite erm… ‘modest’.

If you want to buy a (more expensive) house in another Hold, you will need to get on good terms with its Jarl, just like in Whiterun. Do their quest and the house will be available for purchase from their steward.

Available Properties in Skyrim:

-Breezehome, Whiterun (5000 gold)
-Vlindrell Hall, Markarth (8000 gold)
-Honeyside , Riften (8000 gold)
-Hjerim, Windhelm (12000 gold)
-Proudspire Manor, Solitude (25000 gold)

Prices are without the available decorations

Daedric Influence (10g) Acquire a Daedric Artifact

I got this achievement by Completing the quest Ill Met By Moonlight.

I believe it starts in the town of Falkreath, if this is wrong correct me because I forgot, but in this town there should be a graveyard with some tombstones and a few people walking around. There will be a priest there, an elf priest, giving the funeral for a 10 year old girl. The two other people by the priest are the girls mother and father.

I spoke to the father and asked him every question, he tells you about a man named Sinding who killed his daughter

The quest will update and Sinding is located in the same town in a jail, the arrow will relocate as you progress through this quest and point you in the right direction to find the building he is in.

Find Sinding and talk to him, say you will take the ring from him and give it to Hircine, who is a Daedric Lord. The quest will send you to kill a Giant White Stag, I suggest being a decent level and sneaking up on this stag so it doesnt run away forever like it did to me. Use a bow and sneak or stealthily walk up to it and attack.

Once the stag is dead, its ghost will appear and it will be Hircine, talk to him and ask if he can remove the curse from the ring, he will send you to find and kill Sinding in Bloated Mans Grotto. Once there, there should be a few hunters that have been killed, continue on and Find Sinding in Werewolf form and tell him that you will spare his life, help him kill the remaining hunters and in doing so you become his friend and upon exiting the cave, Hircine will be pleased by you telling him that you were unable to kill Sinding. Hircine will still be pleased because, instead you slaughtered all the hunters and impressed him, after a very short dialogue you will receive his blessing and the achievement is yours.

Darkness Returns (10g) Complete Darkness Returns

This achievement can be unlocked while doing the Thieves’ Guild main quest.

During this questline, there is one particular part that posed some trouble, so instead of making this a one-liner, I’ll give some pointers.

At a certain point, you’ll have to gain entrance to Mercer’s estate, which wasn’t as easy as I thought it to be. When you go to the backyard of his estate, you’ll see a locked fence with a guard roaming about behind it. Wait for him to come towards the gate and you’ll be able to bribe/persuade/intimidate him.
In my case, neither of the options worked, but bribing brought up an extra objective that leads to another quest with no pointer to the location of what you need to find. I decided to dump this option and killed the guard when he was close to that same fence. It took me a few hits, because you’ll just hit the fence, but luckily he’s a one-hit-kill, so getting one shot off will suffice.
When the bad boy is down, loot his pockets for a key and open the gate.
Above you, you’ll see a raised walkway… if you properly interrogated Brynjolf about how to enter the mansion (unlike me), you’ll have an extra quest pointer, showing a contraption you need to hit to lower the walkway.

Once inside, look for a suspicious bookcase. It doesn’t actually look suspicious, but it is highlighted with that text. I can’t really remember where it is, but knowing what to look for, you should find it in no time, unlike me who spent half an hour looking for a chain or lever to pull.

The rest is smooth sailing from here, and a couple of quests later, you’ll be able to gain new powers along with this achievement.

Diplomatic Immunity (20g) Complete Diplomatic Immunity

After Infiltrating the Thalmor embassy and escaping with the prisoner through the body dump area the achievement unlocks.
It does not matter how you complete the mission, so if you want you could go berserk and kill everyone.

Dragon Hunter (20g) Absorb 20 dragon souls

If you want to absorb dragon souls you have to slay dragons. Dragons spawn random through out the game. There are also some dragons which you encounter by the main storyline. You can even find dragons inside of city, I had a dragon battle in Solitude.

Walk through Skyrim and eventually you hear or see a dragon, sometimes they just fly around and don’t battle, and sometimes they do. Be sure to have some potions and some healing spells with you, hit him with a bow when he hovers above the ground and hit him with melee weapons or spells on the ground. After you’ve slayed a dragon, you absorb his soul.

Also, you can find dragons on some mountains where you find a word wall with a new dragon shout. These dragons sometimes respawn so be sure to fast travel between these locations. Some of the these walls are marked on the map you get with the game, they are little red crosses. If you walk near, you see the wall marked on your ‘radar’ on top of your screen, it looks a bit like a dragon head.

You can see how much dragon souls you have collected by going to menu, scroll to the magic tab and there it should be.Just battle every dragon you see and you will get this achievement with time. Be sure to collect his scales and bones for money and armor (100 smithing needed). I’ve had sometimes that I didn’t get a soul by killing a dragon, I am not sure if this is a glitch or it were like special dragons.

Dragon Soul (10g) Absorb a dragon soul

This is more or less story-related as you will encounter your first dragon as part of the main quest.

This first dragon you’ll encounter is quite strong, but additionally, there’ll be alot of NPC’s who do their best and contribute to the fight.

There’s a tower nearby where you can hide from it’s breath, which will do severe damage in the early stages of the game. When the dragon lands, go all out with your attack method of choice. I personally found melee combat to be the most efficient.

[b]Dragonslayer (50g) Complete Dragonslayer

Elder Knowledge (20g) Complete Elder Knowledge

Expert (25g) Reach Level 25[/b]

You will get this achievement naturally but if you want to get it faster here is several ways.
To rank up you need to level up your skills.

In Helgen when you are asked to collect the armor DON’T, just take a weapon and keep attacking whoever you followed, this will get your One-Handed leveled fully after 45 minutes plus.

When you get to Riverwood find an elven character named Faendal and conversate with him, he will give you a fake letter to give to Camilla Valerius. Do it and he will be available as a follower. Now ask him to follow you then ask for Archery training then pay him, go up as much levels as you can afford and then ask to trade equipment and take your money back. Rinse and Repeat until you can’t train anymore.

You can summon a creature with magic and kill it by any means this will level up your Conjuration magic and the Skill that you use to kill them.

When in an enemy area or in a house that you have broken into duck down to sneak and keep walking into a wall. This will level up your sneak skill.

Explorer (40g) Discover 100 Locations

You need 100 WHITE markings on your map.

Black markings are for the locations you haven’t actually visited, even if you’ve got them on your map or compass.

A good tip for getting around quickly is using the stables. Some have carriages you can use to get around to the major Holds (for 50 gold). That puts you in a position to discover even more locations. You can buy or steal a horse to make getting around “on foot” even easier.

There are well over 100 locations available in Skyrim. I’d say there are closer to 200 than 100.

Once you discover your 100th location, the achievement pops immediately. You can check your progress at any time by pressing start and going to the Stats tab.

Gatekeeper (10g) Join the College of Winterhold

The College of Winterhold is one of the 4 factions in Skyrim. They are the equivalent of the Mages’ guild in Oblivion, located slightly north of Winterhold. Winterhold can be reached by using the wagon in front of any Hold’s stables, the first one you should encounter is the Whiterun one.

On your way to the College, you will be stopped by an npc to complete a test before entering. To complete it and net the achievement, you’ll need to cast a random spell, which may or may not be from the skillset you chose to improve in the conversation. Most spells can be bought from the mage at Dragonsreach in Whiterun. He is located to the right of the Jarl in the main hall.
If you’re not a mage centered character and depending on the spell you need to cast, you might have to put some levels into Magicka… you’ll find out soon enough if you can cast the required spell or not.

Needless to say that this place will be your haven for all sorts of Magic trainers and books, and mages should seek this place out as soon as possible.

Glory of the Dead (30g) Complete Glory of the Dead

This is the final quest in the Companions’ questline. The Companions can be found in the Jorrvaskr house in Whiterun, north of the small market in the center of town and can be joined at any point in the game.

Not much guidance needed here, although I’d like to add that you may want to pick up the weapon you used to activate the statue on your way out. Even if you don’t use it, it’s worth a fair bit of coin.

Golden Touch (30g) Have 100,000 gold

You must have 100,000 gold all at the same time for this achievement.

Quick tips:

  • Finishing the Dark Brotherhood Questline will net you 20,000+ gold

  • Make sure to rob the Arch Mage’s Quarters for lots of high value potions

  • When doing odd jobs for the Thieves guild always choose the Heist option. This involves you stealing a certain item from a shop, You can loot everything else there while you are at it

  • Restore the Thieves guild to it’s former glory. It’s especially handy when each fence has 4000 gold to trade with

Good luck!

Hail Sithis! (30g) Complete Hail Sithis!

This unlocks when you complete the final mission for the Dark Brotherhood. This will pop even if you skip the optional missions throughout the questline, so you can focus solely on the core objectives if you like (although I love this game and did every single optional quest available). If you finish the final assassination, collect your reward, and go to the sanctuary, you will get this, so it is technically “unmissable” if you follow the questline.

Hard Worker (10g) Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food

  • Cooking: Almost every town has a cooking pot or cooking spit above a fire, mostly found in houses. Interact with it to bring up the cooking menu. Ingredients for the recipes are found scattered around Skyrim which range from vegetables to meat. General store vendors provide you with what you need to cook the most basic recipe which suffices for this achievement.

  • Mining: In order to mine, you’ll need a Pickaxe which can be bought from most General Goods vendors (one is located in one of the houses at the market in Whiterun). They can also be found in dungeons. Scattered throughout Skyrim, you’ll find patches of ore which can be mined, which in turn provide materials for Blacksmithing.

  • Woodchopping: This can be done in Riverwood, shortly after escaping Helgen. After talking to the young lady, required in your very first quest, look for a Woodcutter’s axe in the vicinity. To the left of where you first spoke with her, you’ll find a chopping block where you can chop some wood to contribute to this achievement.

Hero of Skyrim (30g) Capture Solitude or Windhelm

This achievement is gained when you take the city of Solitude or Windhelm. To start the chain of quests you must either side with the Stormclocks (rebels) or with the Legionaires. this achievement should pop up after you capture the city and kill their leader. Its a fairly long but easily gained achievement.

Hero of the People (30g) Complete 50 Misc Objectives

Misc Objectives are the menial sidequests that are not developed enough to have a quest-name for themselves. They can be acquired by overhearing conversations/being talked to, reading notes, or simply talking to people. These objectives will show up under the “Miscellaneous” section of the quest section in the pause menu.

Tip: Talking to Adrianne Avenicci in Whiterun ((daughter of the smith, should be found outside Warmaidens, right by the main entrance to Whiterun)) will give you 10 consecutive misc objectives that can be done in around 2 minutes, this could help take the grind off this achievement partially.

Married (10g) Get married

To obtain this achievement, all you need to do is travel to Riften and find the preacher Maramal. He is most likely at the “Bee and Barb Inn”, but sometimes goes to the Temple of Mara to preach there. Talk to him about Mara, and then about marraige. For 200 septims you can purchase “Amulet of Mara”, which lets everyone know you are looking.

Now you need to find a partner. Here is a list of available people to wed in the retail version (no DLC):

Aela the Huntress - Nord (CONFIRMED)
Aeri - Nord
Anwen - Redguard
Avrusa Sarethi - Dark Elf
Borghak the Steel Heart - Orc
Brelyna Maryon - Dark Elf
Camilla Valerius - Imperial (Found in Riverwood.) (CONFIRMED)
Dravynea the Stoneweaver - Dark Elf
Ghorza gra-Bagol - Orc
Gilfre - Imperial
Grelka - Nord
Iona - Nord
Jenassa - Dark Elf
Jordis the Sword-Maiden - Nord
Lydia - Nord (CONFIRMED)
Mjoll the Lioness - Nord
Muiri - Breton
Njada Stonearm - Nord
Orla - Nord
Ria - Imperial
Senna - Imperial
Shahvee - Argonian
Sylgja - Nord
Taarie - High Elf (Found in Solitude.)
Temba Wide-Arm - Nord
Uthgerd - Nord
Viola Giordano - Imperial
Ysolda - Nord (CONFIRMED)

Ainethach - Breton
Angrenor Once-Honored - Nord
Argis the Bulwark - Nord
Athis - Dark Elf
Balimund - Nord
Belrand - Nord
Benor - Nord (Found in Morthal.)
Calder - Nord
Cosnach - Breton
Derkeethus - Argonian
Erik the Slayer - Nord
Farkas - Nord (CONFIRMED)
Filnjar - Nord
Gat gro-Shargakh - Orc
Ghorbash the Iron Hand - Orc
Marcurio - Imperial
Moth gro-Bagol - Orc
Octieve San - Breton (Found in Solitude.)
Omluag - Breton
Onmund - Nord
Pavo Attius - Imperial
Perth - Breton
Quintus Navale - Imperial
Revyn Sadri - Dark Elf
Roggi Knot-Beard - Nord
Romlyn Dreth - Dark Elf
Scouts-Many-Marshes - Argonian
Sondas Drenim - Dark Elf
Sorex Vinius - Imperial (Found in Solitude.)
Stenvar - Nord
Torvar - Nord
Vilkas - Nord (CONFIRMED)
Vorstag - Nord
Wilhelm - Nord (CONFIRMED)

Now head back to Riften and speak with Maramal again, and he will tell you that your wedding is tomorrow! Wait, do a quest, whatever you wish until the next day, and then head to the Temple of Mara to be married to your chosen girl/guy. The achievement pops after saying I Do.

Master (50g) Reach Level 50

This is a rough idea of what you’ll need to get to level 50 as well as quick ways of leveling up each skill as fast as possible.

You are going to require roughly 3 skills maxed at 100, another 3 around level 90 and 2 more between 50 - 60. Of course this all depends on what you choose to level up and could take more or less. These were the skills I chose so swap them out accordingly (Light armour for Heavy, Archery for melee etc).

It also doesn’t hurt to get skill training once you get the 100,000 gold achievement as you will have nothing better to spent your coin on anyway. Also, don’t forget to read every skill book you can find.

100 Pickpocket

It may seem tedious but it’s actually the easiest one, It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. All you have to do is reverse pickpocket gold onto a guard and then take it back. Start with around 200 gold and work your way up to 1000. It helps to be a part of the thieves guild so you can bribe the Riften guards to clear your bounty.

100 Smithing

Also easy but will come over time. Best way is to make Iron Daggers. After each quest or so you’ll want to go around shop keepers and buy all the leather strips and iron ingots they have. Then just get yourself to a blacksmith and off you go. 100 Smithing is a very useful skill to have.

82 Block and 59 illusion

This is a more boring one but it isn’t so bad. Go to the College of Winerhold and buy the Muffle (Costs 125 MP to cast) from the illusion mage. Now dual wield a shield and the spell at the same time. Now it’s just a matter of getting into a fight with a weak enough enemy and blocking their attacks as you wait for your magic to recharge.

62 Light armour

Just take damage wearing armour, simple and will come as you play.

94 Sneak

I played a stealthy character hiding in the shadows. This just came over time playing the game but you could keep doing sneak attacks on an unkillable NPC to level it up quickly.

94 Lockpicking

Pick every lock in sight, break into lots of shops. The Museum within the keep in Markath has around 20 or so expert locks to pick. Go to the jails and open them up too!

100 Archery

Just kill things, simple.

Good luck!

Fun fact: It took 681 skill increases for me to reach level 50.

Master Criminal (20g) Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds

Believe it or not this one is actually pretty simple. Use the carriage to travel to all the major cities. (Falkreath, Whiterun, Morthal, Dawnstar, Winterhold, Solitude, Riften, Markarth, and Windhelm)

Once you have traveled there you will be able to fast travel. Once you have that done, all you need to do is kill a guard, turn and run. (It is easier if you can kill the guard by the stables, then steal a horse and get out of there.) Once you get enough distance between you and the guards, the music will go down and you will be able to fast travel to the next spot. Kill Guard, get away, rinse and repeat. You do not need to be that deep into the game (I was a level 10 Nord). It took me a total of 20 minutes and I was done.

Oblivion Walker (30g) Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

You get artifacts by compleating daedric quests so far I have found.

The house of horrors / markarth on main street man asks you to help searching a house. ( molag bals mace).

Ill met by moonlight/. Falkreath barracks jail talk to man in cell. (saviors hide)

The cursed tribe /. Larashbur south west of riften. ( Talk to gate keeper atub).Volendrung. (you need to take it from the antlers).

The taste of death/. Markarth silver blood inn keep asking for rumors until they tell you the hall of the dead is closed head there a voice will talk to you listen to it someone should come and talk to you if not go to the next room talk,to the monk at the door than go back to the hall of dead talk to a woman AGREE with her dont kill her. (ring of namira).

A daedras best friend/. Go to falkreath the gate keeper will mention a dog find said dog. ( the dogs an idiot so wait 1hour and fast travel to its location) . ( the rueful axe).

The mind of madness/. Solitude near blue palace look for a begger called dervenin . (wabba jack)

Walking nightmare /. Dawnstar inn talk to erandur. ( Skull of corruption ). SPOILER I killed the mage because I wasent sure what whould happen. Its confirmed tgat if the mage lives you dont get an artifact

Discerning the Transmundane /. Far north of winter hold far far north septimus signus outpost. (an anoying quest to say the least). Oghma Infinium.

Boethiahs calling/. directly west if windhelm (if you cant find it theres a book marker in septimus signus outpost). Bring a companion you dont mind getting killed. (ebony mail).

The black star./ Azuras shrine (south of winterhold). Azuras star.

Pieces of the past/ courior gives you a invite to a museum opening in dawnstar ( you get mehrunes razor).

In the inn at white run you get challenged to a drinking match.
( you get sarguines rose) .

The only cure./ Peryites shrine. ( west of dragons bridge ). Spell breaker shield.

The break,of dawn./ Meridias shrine. ( west of solitude north of dragon reach). Dawn breaker.

The last two quests are main quests one dragonborn quest and one thieves guild quest I havent reached either yet.

One with the Shadows (30g) Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory

There is no easy way in getting this achievement, and it will probably bore the hell out of you.

First and foremost, you should join and complete the Thieves’ Guild main questline. One part was troublesome, and I wrote a solution for it under ‘The Darkness Returns’ achievement. Other than that, it is straightforward.

Now comes the tedious part… Remember Vex and Delvin at The Ragged Flagon? Probably not, you did a very mundane quest for them, only to find out it’s repeatable and forgot all about them.
I have a surprise for you, you’ll need to do them again, and again, and again… I recommend doing the numbers jobs and shill jobs, they seem to be the easiest.

While doing these quests all over Skyrim, you will be approached by npc’s who are in need of the Thieves Guild’s services. Four questlines like this need to be completed to contribute to this achievement. Storywise, it’s a matter of making name again for the Guild and these questlines are proof that they’re back on the grid.

Once you finished all four quests and the main questline, you’ll need to do some more Vex and Delvin loving up until the final quest can be triggered at Brynjolf to complete the least interesting, and definitely most tedious ‘quest hub’ in all of Skyrim.

If anything, you should have made a fair bit of coin to contribute towards the 100k gold achievement.

Reader (20g) Read 50 Skill Books

For this achievement, keep in mind that you only need to read one of each skill book. So, for example, finding more than one Light Armor Forging book won’t grant you two skill points, just one.

  1. Song of the Alchemists: In Anise’s Cabin, a location just across the river to the northwest of the Guardian Stones you encounter as you come out of the tunnels following the tutorial mission.

  2. Light Armor Forging: In the last big room of the Embershard Mine, located on the road between the Guardian Stones and Riverwood. It’s on a table on the bottom level of a room with a rickety bridge across the upper level, next to some forging equipment.
    ALTERNATE LOCATION: This book can also be found by going north from Bleakwind Basin (or northeast from Redoran’s Retreat) to Silent Moons Camp. Once there, go to the top of the ruined stairs and enter the circular corridor from either side (there are some bandits there to show you where to enter), since they both lead to the same place; a room with forging equipment, a chest and this book on a workbench.
    TION 2: In the basement of Lod’s house in Falkreath. Lod is the blacksmith, in case you were wondering.

  3. A Game At Dinner: Follow the road north of Riverwood until you get to Honningbrew Meadery. The book is inside the main building, on a table on the second floor, in Savjorn’s room.

  4. Vernaccus and Bourlor: Cross the bridge to the east of Honningbrew Meadery, and follow the shore of the river until you reach Graywinter Watch, a cave just by the Ritual Stone. Inside, you will find two trolls in a single large room. Dispose of them and proceed to the upper lever, where this book and a unique bow can be found next to each other, on top of two barrels.
    ALTERNATE LOCATION: On the bookshelf on your left as you enter Froki’s Shack, just east of Autumnwatch Tower (see “Jornibret’s Last Dance” for location).

  5. The Knights of the Nine: Continue east along the river until you reach Guldun Rock, a giant camp. When you arrive, maneuver past the giants and into the cave. Once inside, go around the rock structure and look on the rock next to the chest, to the left of the bonfire, to find the book.

  6. The Importance of Where: Backtrack for a while and cross the bridge north of Honningbrew Meadery to Chillfurrow Farm and find the small house there. The book is inside, on a desk in the bedroom.

  7. The Armorers’ Challenge: Found by the Skyforge in Whiterun, accessible by going up the stairs behind the Jorrvaskr, i.e. the
    Companions’ mead hall.

  8. A Primer On Enchanting: In the upstairs bedroom of Carlotta Valentia’s house, to your left as you come up the stairs left of the Whiterun gates. It’s hidden between her nighstand and her bed, but it might just have fallen down there accidentally when I visited, in which case it should be on the nightstand itself.

  9. Battle of Sancre Tor: As you leave Carlotta’s house, the House of Clan Battle-Born will be to your left. Enter through the main doors, and go into the first room on the left. The book is on the shelf there.
    ALTERNATE LOCATION: In plain view on the table in the first (and only, unless you have activated the Companion quest “Proving Honor”) room of Dustman’s Cairn, a ruin west of Silent Moons Camp (see “Light Armor Forging” for location).

  10. Death Blow of Abernanit: In the Whiterun Catacombs, accessed through the Hall of the Dead, which is found next to the Chapel of Kynareth. It’s in the first room on the left as you enter. Mind the skeletons.
    ALTERNATE LOCATION: In the Jarl’s Longhouse in Falkreath. It’s in the room on the left as you enter, on a table on the right side of the room.

  11. The Marksmanship Lesson: In a display case in the basement of the Jorrvaskr, in the southwestern of the four rooms in the north half of the area. There is to my knowledge no key to the display case, so YOU’LL HAVE TO PICK AN EXPERT LEVEL LOCK TO GET IT.

  12. Song of Hrormir: In the same area as the last book, but this one is in Kodlok’s room (not his bedroom), on the table by the map.

  13. Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim: Still in Whiterun, find Arcadia’s Cauldron, the alchemy shop by the market square. The book is in the through the door at the far end of the room from where you enter, on the table.

  14. Biography of the Wolf Queen: In Belethor’s General Goods, the building next to the one we found the previous book in. It’s on a shelf in the cupboard at the end of the room, in plain sight as you enter.

  15. Before the Ages of Man: On the desk in one of the room adjacent to the dining room in the Jarl’s Quarters in Dragonsreach, the Whiterun castle.

  16. 2920, Last Seed, v8: In the last room of a cave called Redoran’s Retreat, on a wooden box. It’s quite dark, so it might not be entirely easy to spot. There’s also a powerful Bandit Chief in the room, so watch out for that. The cave itself can be found west of Bleakwind Basin and north of Fort Greymoor (all of these are also west of Whiterun).

  17. Mace Etiquette: In Volunruud, a ruin northeast of Silent Moons Camp (see “Light Armor Forging” for location). It’s on the throne in the same room where you find the Ceremonial Axe for the “Silenced Tongues” quest. Looking at the map, it’s the northwesternmost room of the area.

  18. Night Falls On Sentinel: In the chest next to Kvenel’s throne in the Volunruud Elder’s Cairn area. NOTE: THIS MAY BE RANDOM LOOT, AND I WOULD BE THANKFUL IF SOMEONE COULD CONFIRM THIS LOCATION FOR ME.

Returning to Riverwood…

  1. Warrior: Head up the road south of Riverwood, and find this book in a small unmarked bandit camp accessible through a series of winding slopes, to the left as the main road turns right.

  2. 2920, Midyear, v6: Continuing your journey south, you will reach Helden, the village the game starts in. Pass through here and continue southwest, until you reach Bonechill Passage. Inside, in the first room, you will find a skeleton with this book next to it.

  3. Battle of Red Mountain: If you instead head east from Helgen, and then turn north, you can use your compass to navigate your way to South Skybound Watch, an underground passage guarded on this side by a powerful Wispmother. Kill her and enter the ruins.
    Inside, you’ll fight a group of bandits, and then proceed through a door to find a Giant Frostbite Spider which you can dispose of at your leisure. In the next room, the book can be found on a shelf next to some fur armour.

  4. Jornibret’s Last Dance: East of Bonechill Passage, you will find Fort Neugrad. Go there, fight through hordes of bandits, and enter the inside portion of the fort (not the jail, which is a separate area). Once inside, you will want to enter the locked door (the key can be found on the bandit chief on the second floor) at the far end of the food court type room. Inside and down the stairs, you will find a troublesome little mage, and the book on a table.
    ALTERNATE LOCATION: On a box on top of the right tower of Autumnwatch Tower, south of Ivarstead. You’ll have to run around the base of the tower to find the entrance.

  5. Purloined Shadows: Standing outside Bonechill Passage’s northern entrance, follow the easily distinguishable path down the hill. When the path loops around to the left, you should be able to see a small unmarked cottage in front of you, near a waterfall. The book is inside, hidden underneath the bed.

  6. The Lunar Lorkhan: From where the last book was, follow the stream behind the house to the top of a waterfall. From up here, you should be able to see a small unmarked bandit camp to the left, at the bottom of the waterfall. Climb down around the side, dispose of the bandits, and pick up this book from inside the little tent.

  7. The Red Kitchen Reader: Follow the path north of the bandit camp up the hill to Pinewatch (we’re northwest of Bonechill Passage now) and make your way inside the house there. Go downstairs, and push the hidden button on the wall by the table with an Elven War Axe to open a secret passage. Go through the tunnels, and when you emerge in an open room, turn left to find two bookshelves. The left one has this book on the top shelf, and a bear trap on the middle one.

26.Racial Phylogeny: Travel south from Pinewatch until you reach the town of Falkreath. Entering the town from the northeast, the second house on your right is called Corpselight Farm. Enter it, and look on the bookshelf to the right of the fireplace. The book is hidden among three other books on the top shelf, but it should be easy to find.

  1. Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments: Leave Falkreath and head northwest for a bit until you run into the Roadside Ruin. It’s a small, circular building, and in the center, leaning against a chest, is this book.

  2. Mannimarco, King of Worms: Go northwest again to Evergreen Grove, and you’ll find this book on a sunken altar thing in the middle of the pond, next to a dead necromancer.

  3. Liminal Bridges: Head up east, and make your way to the nearby Falkreath Watchtower, which you can probably spot from quite a distance. At the top if this tower, in front of a tent, is the book.

  4. A Tragedy In Black: Continue north, swimming across the lake, past the Lady Stone, until you get to Ilinalta’s Deep. Enter the fort through the trap door on top of one of the half-submerged towers and proceed through the dungeon until you reach a room with an Arcane Enchanter and an Alchemy Lab. The book is on the table to the left as you enter.

  5. The Gold Ribbon of Merit: This one is in a location called Angi’s Camp, high up in the mountains south of Folkreath. To get there, go all the way back to the bandit camp where we found The Lunar Lorkhan, and take the little path south, up into the mountains. Follow the path until it seemingly ends by a little pile of rocks, in a snowy area. Here, you need to turn left and climb the hill for a bit to get back on track. If you find a friendly hunter in a small camp, you know you’re in the right place. Once you’ve found your way back onto the path, follow it, and when it branches off in two, take the right path. By now, you should have the location on your compass, and you’ll be able to follow the path the rest of the way. Once you’ve finally made your way there, you can find your precious book on Angi’s nightstand, inside her cabin (the nightstand contains the fifth treasure map as well). You can also talk to Angi while you’re here to take part in some free practice archery, which can give you a maximum of six quick skill increases, if you manage to beat all the challenges.

  6. Incident At Nekrom: Remember that fork in the road where you took right to get to Angi’s Camp? Well we’re going left this time, and following the path to a fort called Bloodlet Throne (an awfully friendly-sounding name, no?). If all these paths are confusing you, the fort is south of Ancient’s Ascent (where Bonechill Passage ends) and southeast of Angi’s camp. Once you’ve managed to locate the fort, you need to go inside, fighting off a ton of vampires in the process, and enter the snowy cave part of this dungeon. After passing through a large, three-level room, you’ll come to a smaller room with an Alchemy Lab. Just around the corner, on your right, is a cell-like room, where you’ll find this book on a crate in the corner.

  7. The Art of War Magic: Follow the path east from Bloodlet Throne (or just go south from Fort Neugrad) until you reach Southfringe Sanctum. This cave is a bit of a mess, so I won’t give you precise directions, but the book is in the last room of the cave, in the hands of a Master Necromancer. I suppose you could technically pickpocket it from him if you want, but I find killing him is easier.

  8. Response to Bero’s Speech: Travel back to Helgen, and embark on the road east. Follow it until you reach Haemar’s Shrine (where you also go during the quest “A Daedra’s Best Friend”), and enter the cave. Now, you’ll want to go to the southwesternmost room of the cavern. It’s a large, two-level room, and on the south end of the bottom level, you’ll find the book on a table.

  9. Withershins: Now this one is quite something. It rests at the very top of the tower at the very top of the mountain at Arcwind Point, and the journey there can involve both dragons and a Draugr Death Overlord. To get to Arcwind Point, we’ll keep following the road east from Haemar’s Shrine, until we reach the Alchemist’s Shack. Southeast of that location, about halfway between it and the nearby Imperial Camp, is a pathway up through the mountainside, clearly visible due to the large stone arches on it. Following this path, you’ll eventually reach a large clearing with a lot of ruined structures in it. Move along, taking care of the enemies and (if you want) dragon here, and continue up the stairs at the opposite end from where you came. At the top of these stairs is a small building which may or may not contain a Draugr Death Overlord, so be very careful of that. Press on, and turn right at the other side of the building (or turn left to find a quicksilver ore vein) to face the tower at the top of the mountain. From here on, it’s a simple matter of climbing a lot of stairs, with just a few enemies along the way, until you finally stand at the top of the tower. There, you will find a skeleton, and, on a podium, Withershins. It’s a downright disgrace that this book is only worth 55 gold.

Back to Riverwood again…

  1. Thief: During the quest “The Golden Claw” and or “Bleak Falls Barrow”, in Bleak Falls Temple, there will be a room where you have to turn three pillars the right way to open a gate. In the small room after this, the book is on the table straight ahead as you enter.
    ALTERNATE LOCATION: On top of a bed roll in the northeasternmost room of Swindler’s Den, just north of the Shrine of Stendarr (see “Twin Secrets” for location).

  2. The Warrior’s Charge: On a table next to an Arcane Enchanter and a Necromancer, in the middle of Brittleshin Pass, a cave which can be entered either from the north or south side of the mountain range west of Riverwood.

  3. The Wolf Queen, v1: Head east from North Brittleshin Pass to Bloated Man’s Grotto, then go northwest for a while until you reach Broken Fang Cave. In the last room of this cave, along with a Vampire Master, you can find this book laying next to the Alchemy Lab.

  4. The Mystery of Princess Talara, Part 4: In the very same room as the last book, on a low shelf by the Arcane Enchanter.

  5. 2920, Second Seed, v5: On a table in a small unmarked fort ruin just southeast of Gjukar’s Monument, which can be reached by heading due northwest from Broken Fang Cave.

  6. Twin Secrets: Go back to Broken Fang Cave, and this time, head northeast. You’re looking for the Shrine of Stendarr, an unmarked location with a few high pillars and some fires to locate it by. You’ll find this book laying on the altar, next to a strongbox and a jewel. This location is also pretty much directly south of Swindler’s Den.

  7. Last Scabbard of Akrash: Return to Gjukar’s Monument, and go southwest from there to Fort Sungard. If you want to, you can fight your way in, but it might be easier to sneak around the corner to the right of the main entrance, and enter the sewer grate hidden on the wall there. Either way, your goal is the Fort Sungard Muster area. The book is on the top floor there, on a table in a room at the end of a hallway full of beds.

  8. Guide to Better Thieving: Make your way to the southern end of Fort Sungard, and enter the small round building called the Oubliette. Inside, you need to go down a set of stairs, and then jump into a pretty deep hole in the floor. Surviving the fall isn’t too difficult if you’re careful, and once you’re safely down, the book is right there on the rubble by a dead bandit. If for some reason the fall is proving too hard for you, a secret entrance to this building, which leads directly to the book, can be found by climbing down the cliffs south of the Oubliette, and entering the cave there. It’s close to a crossroads with a deadish tree and a roadsign, and the entrance is hidden behind some bushes.
    ALTERNATE LOCATION: In the Jarl’s Longhouse in Falkreath. It’s on the room on the right as you enter, in a display case. YOU’LL HAVE TO PICK AN EXPERT LEVEL LOCK TO GET IT.

Revealing the Unseen (10g) Complete Revealing the Unseen

Complete the “Revealing the Unseen” quest, which is the fifth quest in the College of Winterhold quest line.

possible spoilers i will try to keep them to a minimum.

This dungeon contains Falmers, Chaurus’ and Dwarven Automatons. Which are fairly strong so take plenty of potions with you.

Make your way through the dungeon, it may take a while(did me). Once you get to the Oculory place the focus crystal in it.
To focus the Oculory you need to equip your flames and frostbite spells. (If you dont have them you can find the 2 tomes up the little set of stairs behind the Oculory, rather handy aye?) Now Shoot the spells at the focusing lense, this should make the beams of light hit the middle of moving panels with the circular mirrors on. The frostbite spell moves the beams down, the fire spell moves them up. If you haven’t been messing around with shooting spells at it, you only need to hit it with the frostbite spell 3 time and they will be in the correct place. Now move back up the stairs and push the buttons until the mirrors move into the beams of light. Do this so all 3 beams of light bounce off to the ceiling.
Talk to Paratus, then head back to the college. The rest of the quest is straight forward from there.

If your having trouble with the Dwarven Spheres i found it helped to shoot them with sparks and when they get close jump past them before they hit you, turn round and shoot them again. Repeat till they die.
The Chaurus’ have a mean poison attack, so be sure to keep an eye on your health, and if you can improve your resistance to poison then do it, when facing them.
All the Dwarven Automatons appear to be resistant to frost.

Sideways (20g) Complete 10 side quests

Complete 10 Side Quests, should be any of them but I have yet to try. Here’s a list - and where to start from the Prima Game Guide:

Blood on the Ice - Windhelm - Enter and exit Windhelm four times

Forbidden Legend - No related settlement/hold and no prerequisites

The Forsworn Conspiracy - Markarth

The Golden Clow - Riverwood, you should get this at the same time as Bleak Falls Barrow

In My Time of Need - Whiterun - Complete Main Quest: Dragon Rising

Kyne’s Sacred Trials - No related settlement/hold and no prerequisites

Laid to Rest - Morthal

Lights Out! - Solitude

The Man Who Cried Wolf - Solitude

The Wolf Queen Awakened - Solitude - Complete the Man Who Cried Wolf

Missing in Action - White Run - Enter and exit any of the building near the market in White Run

Promises to Keep - Riften

A Return to Your Roots - Blackreach - Begin Daedric Quest Discerning the Transmundane

Rise in the East - Windhelm

Rising at Dawn - Morthal - Contract Vampirism

Unfathomable Depths - Riften

The White Phial - Windhelm

Repairing the Phial - Windhelm - Three days after completing both Main Quest: The Throat of the World and Side Quest: The White

Captured Critters - No related settlement/hold and no prerequisites

The Forgemaster’s Fingers - Orc Strongholds - Non-Orc Race

The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt - No related settlement/hold and no prerequisites

Masks of the Dragon Priests - Book says Numerous prerequisites; however, when you go to the quest page it says none.

Skill Master (40g) Get a skill to 100

Once the game starts and you gain control of your character you’ll want to follow Hadvor who helps you escape the prison. When the beginning scene is finished you’ll follow Hadvor into Helgen Keep. There he will unlock your shackles and tell you find any armor and supplies. Be sure to pick up the Iron Longsword and whatever else as you see fit.

As you venture further into the fort you will be given a small tutorial to get the hang of the game mechanics. You will then come to an under ground cave where you’ll be taught how to perform sneak attacks. At this point you’ll be asked to either sneak around the sleeping bear or sneak attack it. Instead of doing either of these, this is what you’ll do:

Enter sneak mode and go behind Hadvor and attack him over and over again. Doing so will level up your skills, depending on what you use. There are also no repercussions as he won’t retaliate or die. You can use this method to pretty much level up your one-handed, sneak, two-handed, and destruction skills. If you plan on working your sneak skill use the Iron Longsword (mentioned earlier). You’ll need to hit him and get the 3.0x sneak bonus, wait 3-4 seconds after the message disappears then hit him again for another bonus. It’ll also help to have him against a corner because when you hit him he will be pushed forward.

The grind for this achievement is bearable. I think it took me no more than 2 hours (with goofing off) to pop this achievement. At the end of my grind I had my Sneak at 100, my One-handed at 39, and my overall level at 18! I also earned the “Apprentice” and “Adept” achievement in the process.

I hope this solution helped out anyone hoping to earn this achievement and I hope you all are enjoying Skyrim as much as I am. Happy Hunting!

Snake Tongue (10g) Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate

When you wish to make your way through a conflict without using violence, there will be three ways available to resolve it: persuasion, bribing, or intimidation. When there is such a situation, there may only be one or two of the options available.

Persuasion and intimidation have a percent chance based of you speech skill. If you save before a time where these options appear, you can keep trying until you get it. The bribe option requires you to pay a certain amount of gold in order to continue on.

Easy early persuasion locations:

Whiterun: Gate admission
Whiterun: Miscellaneous quest from Corlatta Valentina
Whiterun: First time you speak to a guard.
Riften: Gate Admission

If you have any more easy early locations that contain persuasion/intimidate/bribery, or if you have any other ideas for improvement, please comment. I am always open to suggestions.

Standing Stones (30g) Find 13 Standing Stones

You will encounter your first three standing stones shortly after escaping Helgen.
These stones offer a blessing, of which you can only have one at any given time.

This may be a bug, but you are not required to find 13 unique standing stones. Simply revisiting the ones you’ve already found will add to the counter towards unlocking this achievement, this may or may not be limited to only 1 re-visit per stone, or it doesn’t work at all for others.

Below is a list with all stones, and the general direction you need to head to find them. I could go into detail about the location, but it’s alot easier to head into the direction described and keep an eye on your compass for the following icon at the top of your screen. The icon you’re looking for is a pillar of some sort… a standing stone. :-p

  • Thief Stone
  • Mage Stone
  • Warrior Stone

These 3 are found after escaping helgen, hard to miss.

  • Lord Stone
    To the southwest of Dawnstar.

  • Ritual Stone
    To the east of Whiterun.

  • Atronach Stone
    Between Riften and Windhelm, in the marshlands. Might be tricky to find through pointers, use the method described above if you can’t find it.

  • Shadow Stone
    To the south of Riften.

-Lover Stone
To the east of Markarth.

  • Apprentice Stone
    To the south of Solitude.

  • Steed Stone
    To the northwest of Solitude… will require some climbing.

  • Lady Stone
    To the west of Riverwood.

-Tower Stone
Walk a straight line from Winterhold to Dawnstar, it’s just about in the middle.

-Serpent Stone
To the east of Winterhold.

Actually this achievement is glitched. I went to grab the steed stone after improving my smithing skills using the lovers stone

Basically I did not need to find the fast travel location but the actual spot stone itself. I reloaded a save to confirm this glitch but thise time went to a different stone. I looked at my stats and when I left the stone I went from stones found: 12 to 12. I went to the steed stone again looked at my stats again and it said stones found: 14

So in summary; YOU DO NOT have to look for ALL stones as it’s currently glitched. Just fast travel back and forth between two stones and make sure to stand close enough to be able to activate the stone. This will count as finding them.

To confirm even further: I only found 8 fast travel locations. Those three stones was one of them so I had 10 stones found on my map in total.

Take Up Arms (10g) Join the Companions

The Companions are one of the 4 factions available within the lands of Skyrim. They are more or less the equivalent of the Warrior’s guild in Oblivion and obviously boasts a good selection of combat trainers.

On your first visit to Whiterun, you will be able to start and complete this quest. Odds are you witnessed npc’s fighting a giant who turn out to be members of this faction and will direct you to Jorrvaskr trough a quest, the man you need to speak to is Kodlak and is usually found downstairs in his quarters.

The Companions can be found to the north up the stairs from the market in Whiterun. In case you don’t find it, use your local map and look for a house named Jorrvaskr.

Complete their initation quest and this achievement will unlock.

Taking Care of Business (10g) Join the Thieves Guild

This is one of the 4 factions in Skyrim, best visited early by stealth-centered characters, since there are various trainers to your liking to be found. In order to find and join them, you will have to go to Riften, which can be reached by using any of the coaches outside any Hold’s stables. (Whiterun should be the first you’ll encounter.)

Upon entering the city, you’ll be greeted by a shady character, asking what business you have in town. Answer with what he likes to hear (reload if he didn’t like it) and he’ll direct you towards Brynjolf at the market. (Not sure if this matters.)
Do his quest, I failed it, but it didn’t matter, and he’ll invite you to the lower parts of town, namely ‘The Ragged Flagon’. Get there in one piece and you’ll receive an additional quest which involves beating up a few shopkeepers. Complete it and you’ll be rewarded with a spot in the guild and this achievement.

Taking Sides (10g) Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army

Not long after your first steps you will be presented with a first choice to follow a Stormcloak or an Imperial soldier.

This will start a quest-chain where you need to make a choice between the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks, a choice you probably already made when escaping Helgen.
Completing the first in the series will net you this achievement. Beware though, this choice is permanent throughout the game and while achievements aren’t affected, the quests in obtaining them will be different per choice.

The Eye of Magnus (30g) Complete The Eye of Magnus

This is the last(8th) quest for the College of Winterhold.

This quest is actually quite short and easy. Its just one “boss” fight and shouldn’t take you anymore than 5 mins. To be honest i didn’t even kill him the magical anomalies did. Its that easy!

Posible Spoilers
The prerequisite quest for this is the staff of magnus. Where you have to travel through the Labyrinthian. Here you will encounter Trolls, Wisps, Skeletons and Wizards.

There are 2 “Boss” fights in this level. The first being a Skeleton Dragon surrounded by about 8 Skeleton warriors, mages and archers. Save before using the lever to open a gate (which drops again after about 5 seconds)
If you have trouble with this boss (he had me for his dinner), reload your save from before you entered through the gate. Equip your unrelenting force shout and shout through the gate. This should bring the skeletons towards you. They can’t attack you through the gate and you cant attack them with normal spells and weapons. You can however keep using your unrelenting force shout on them. This may take 5 mins to wipe them out because of the cooldown time. The skeleton mages didn’t seem to be affected by this for me. So what i did for them was open the gate walk up to it and cast spells at them. As long as you dont enter the room the dragon skeleton will not rise. This allows you to focus on the dragon skeleton, making this fight alot easier. The dragon uses Ice attacks so counter him with fire(if your using magic). Try and keep away from his front because he can pick you up in his mouth and insta’ kill you.

The Second boss fight is at the end of the dungeon. Morokei is, i beleive, a dragon priest and so he is fairly strong. Use your bow to take out the Wizard Thralls first. Then I recomend using ranged weapons or spells to take Morokei on. Run up the stairs where the Wizard Thrall was and he shouldn’t follow you, or attack you. From here use your bow to take him out. When hes dead search his body for the Staff of Magnus and a awesome mask.

The Way of the Voice (20g) Complete The Way of the Voice

The main quest will take you to meet the Greybeards. Simply follow their instructions in learning new Voice techniques and you will understand the “Way of the Voice” and unlock this achievement.

The Fallen (20g) Complete The Fallen

Thief (30g) Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

I got this pretty quickly, but I always play a stealthy game! For picking locks, go to towns and wait (or rest) 'til night when many front doors are locked. Go up to a door, crouch and make sure no-one is watching (ie; you are hidden) and pick the lock on the door. Rinse and repeat 50 times.

For picking pockets, go up to a solitary character, crouch and make sure you are hidden, press ‘A’ to pick the pocket. Now wait… look at the text below the image of the item you are about to pick, make sure the success % is high; my minimum limit in 80%; I ignore items (unless they are really valuable) that have less than 80% success probability. If it succeeds, save the game. Now attempt the pick pocket process again on the character. It’s important you only pilfer one item at a time. Once you run out of easy items to steal, move to another victim.

Thuum Master (40g) Learn 20 shouts

Unbound (10g) Complete Unbound

This is likely to be the first achievement you get in the game.

All you have to do is follow the main quest by following Hadvar through a few areas including the torture chamber and others where you will come across various enemies. You will reach the end when you sneak past (or kill) the bear and head back to Skyrim.

If you are having trouble, make sure you save manually and use fire spells on the draugr a.k.a the skeleton looking creatures.

Wanted (10g) Escape from jail

To get arrested, just pick up anything that doesn’t belong to you, get 1 or 2 gp bounty (a notification pops up) and then turn yourself in to the guard and tell them you’ll serve time.

Jail locks are Adept level, which means they’re somewhat tough. Standard procedure is that you get one lockpick, if it breaks then you have to wait out your (short) jail sentence, and more importantly you miss your chance at this achievement until you get arrested again.

If you’re already a decently high level by the time you do this, it may be pretty easy. The “Adept Locks” perk requires 50 ranks in Lockpicking, and makes these level locks easier. The “Locksmith” and “Unbreakable” perks require 80 and 100 ranks respectively, and if you’ve got all those then you really won’t have much trouble with the lock-picking part of this.

Not every jail is the same:

  • Riften’s jail cell has a lockpick sitting on the table, so you’ll get two to work with
  • Dawnstar’s jail cell has a Lockpicking skill book in the corner. Not a huge help, but it’s also probably the smallest jail building so the getaway is easier.

Don’t forget to grab your gear at the chest on the way out.

Addendum: Oddly enough, I got this achievement from somewhat of a glitch. I was imprisoned in Solitude, and before I could even try to pick the lock a guard materialized in my cell and walked out. Of course he had to open the door to walk out, so I followed him. Since I didn’t pick the lock, no guards were hostile and I just walked right out of prison for 10G. No idea how reproducible that method would be though.


War Hero (10g) Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall

Depending on the side you pick (Imperial or Storm Cloaks), you’ll eventually get to a mission where you have to take over a fort. Just kill all the enemies in the fort and you’ll get this achievement.
For the stormcloaks this comes in the “Liberation of Skryim” quest, when liberating The Reach.

With Friends Like These (10g) Join the Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood is one of the 4 main factions in Skyrim. As in Oblivion, one must enjoy the act of killing to be granted access to this faction.

One such quest involves killing someone in cold blood and is started by a young orphan named Aventus Arentino.
Although I was guided there through a misc objective obtained by a rumor in an inn, I guess you can go right to the house in Winterhold. You can find it on your Winterhold minimap named ‘Arentino Residence’.

Complete his quest, and not long after you’ll receive a note from a courier with the message: ‘WE KNOW’. Get a good night’s rest and you’ll be approached by Astrid.

Complete the task at hand, and then seek out their hideout in Pine Forest. The quest pointer will lead you right up to the achievement which you’ll receive upon entering and talking to Astrid.

Words of Power (10g) Learn all three words of a shout

The easiest way to gain three words of a shout (Unrelenting Force) is by simply following the main questline, up to and including ‘The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller’, which isn’t very far down that questline, in case you don’t want to do the story just yet.

If you’re in a real hurry for the achievement, it is not necessary to complete ‘A Blade in the Dark’ first, which is given by Delphine who gives you the horn at the Inn.

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