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The Evil Within Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Thank you for the detailed Information
Does it only happen in this game? Or are others affected aswell? I take it you are running it on the newest version since it’s on steam.
If it’s only this trainer @REPPiN can you test in on your end to see if the same happens? Would do it for you but sadly I do not own the game.
@frank could you have a look at that?


OK, I tested it with some graphical demanding games that I have installed here. With this browser opened all the time, what already take a chunk of the memory.
Maximized the graphic options, even with stuff that I don’t care about being at the max, like shadow quality. Also set to use v-sync, since TEW normal option can only go to capped 60. Walked around an area checking for the fps variation that was between 58-60. And also make sure to quit infinity after every game, to avoid anything to get stuck in the memory.
Doom and Dying Light had no impact when I activate their trainers.
Watch_Dogs v-sync option is weird, and the fps was between 46-50, but also had no issues with the activated trainer.

My GPU is GTX 970.

BTW, I tested Cheat Engine with TEW, and had no impact with the fps. But the table that I have here is kind messy, that is probably OK for programmers, and I don’t know if works. Rather use Infinity that is clean and have the options that I was looking for. Like a way to get matches. =)


Alright perfect. Frank and or REPPiN will surely look into it and take care of it.


I have bin playing this game off and on and on mine with gtx1080 I have no problem playing evil within
And that’s with just about all the cheats on
@N1ceToMeetYou you must of missed it was on sale on steam I think last week that’s only reason I bought it !


Well I don’t want the game :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s a good information that the problem is not bound to everyone. May I ask you what windows you are using?
@Shaidon you too, what OS do you have. And are any Antiviruses present on your systems?


@N1ceToMeetYou mine is windows 10 pro and also have webroot av running with no problems


GTX 1080 is twice more powerful than mine, so even if the issue is general, ptondo have enough horse power to not feel it. =)

My system is Windows 7 64bits, 16ram DDR3, i7-4770 3.40GHz. Norton 360.


I got a gtx 970 too, and it works fine, tested it a few mins ago :confused:

I’ll look into your issue…


Thanks, if you can’t fix it, I’ll try to use the Cheat Engine table, or reduce some graphic to compensate.
Man… I hate when I get the rare issues. =/


Can I borrow your GPU ? …:stuck_out_tongue:


have you found a way to fix the infinity from not working in ch 7 and so on


because man i love the game but this problem is buging me


there is an in game cheat for all weapons infinite. That doesnt
have any bugging problem.


Yeah after chapter 7 using the trainer causes the game to crash, especially in the catacomb section after the left passage.
I’m currently trying to load up the trainer at chapter 8 and it crashes instantly.


@x6leviethen9x @Animechoice can you guys upload your savegames somewhere?
I’ll look into it asap


Any news on getting Infinity to work past chapter 7?


Doesn’t look like it. Game crashes at the same point in chapter 7.
As you get down into the corridors collecting those lithograph’s.

  • Played through a little more of the campaign switching the trainer on & off. Can confirm it works towards the end of chapter 8.
  • Chapter 14 “Ulterior Motives” noted crashes when entering the underground section.


Hell I remember this crashed on 360 with the trainer too on chapter 7 !


after last update i use the first 3 cheats then the trainer wont work till i reboot game


will fix it asap