The feedback process is infuriating. Some suggestions

I find the “How was playing ?” popup really frustrating. It doesn’t seem to pop up reliably. When it does, it goes away if you click anywhere outside it (reasonable), even if the window doesn’t have focus (completely unreasonable). So after I quit the game, if Steam is on top of WeMod and I click the WeMod window to move focus over to it, the feedback dialog disappears. And you can’t get it back, because it is only available when the game process exits. Finally, it only allows you to give feedback on the mods you activated manually, which was fine before the ‘save mods’ feature but is completely broken when you’re using ‘save mods’ because the ones that are automatically applied are unavailable in the dropdown to provide feedback on.

So, suggestions:
1/ There should be a button that allows the user to give feedback at any time, not just when the game has recently exited.
2/ If you really don’t want to do that for some reason, only dismiss the feedback window if the user clicks outside it when the window actually has focus.
3/ Allow the user to select any mod for feedback.
4/ If you really don’t want to do that for some reason, at least include the ones enabled through ‘saved mods’ in the dropdown box.

Thanks team! Aside from a few UX frustrations I really love the product.

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