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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Logs must be a physical item if unlimited items doesn’t affect it



They are. You hack tree. Tree falls down. Magically disappears and spawns 2-4 Logs. You pick up max 2 logs. You run around like retard with 2 logs. You build house or wall which is ineffective against a mutated monster with either 20 arms or 20 legs.



having issues when it comes to the unlimited supplies. for some reason it cancels the ability to craft anything. It also makes it not possible to use a bow. plz look this over

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What if you turned off unlimited items ? Does it work then ?

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Just tested, indeed unlimited supplies somehow bugs the hability to craft, but if you disable it “bug” is gone, and crafting is possible again.

@HollowedOwl316 try what ptondo said, disable when you wanna craft something, i even tried eating a bar while enabled so i could turn that 15 stack of snacks into 99, and when turned off, that number stays, the same for sticks , meds, soda, etc.

ps: test were done in sp -> new game, :innocent:

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Cheats work fine except sometimes the unlimited items stops working all together. Not sure if it’s the repeated turning on and off to craft items or what but it gets annoying to have to do a temp shelter to save then exit back to windows and restart the game and continue where you left off.