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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


To be it seems like the cheats work at random.
Sometimes they work, sometimes none work at all, and sometimes only certain cheats work.
It’s very unstable and very annoying.


It’s the unity game engine. You need to do something before it cna work


what would that be?


Yeah I am also curious about that : )


@Fenris90 @Ariux151 Depending on what you want to activate you have to do something first.
For example health cheat. Loose or gain health first before activating it.
Stamina loose or gain stamina first before activating it.
and so on


The game crashes as I try to mix/make something, especially with the plane axe, when the cheats are on.


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


I love this trainer it works flawlessly except something in the recent update made it break occasionally when crafting with unlimited items enabled… you can workaround this occasional crash by disabling unlimited items just before putting anything in the crafting area but it is very inconvenient. It would be wonderful if this was fixed as one of the biggest problems was recently fixed being “unlimited items only works for one time, if you disable it you would be required to restart the game to receive the cheat again”.


yeah my game crashes when i turn it on


doensn,t work for me i keep activating the cheat after using med or eating for stamina but nothing.


As of 7/1/17, I believe that the Forest Cheats Do not work, and the infinite items cheat is buggy, it wont let you craft when its on and takes several tries turning it off and on to make it work, but as far as I can tell, not a single cheat works properly. I do hope this will be fixed soon, it is fun to cheat in these type of games. Please do what you can to fix this game. Thank you


Hi, The Forest hacks are not working, i turn on unlimited health, i can still die, unlimited hunger, still hungry, unlimited thirst, still thirty. The only one that works is unlimited items, but even then, when i make a house, the logs are not unlimited.


What is your game version? Are the cheats staying blue or do they turn themselves off?


They stay blue, but they don’t work.


Here’s something i noticed, when i’m playing the game, Infinity cannot find my game, but when i’m in the menu it does.


Stamina doesn’t work :cry:


I was wondering if you could please add an instant build please?


does it work with v0.62?


Just try it. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

Support is not going to be added for a older/cracked version of the game.


can you make a cheat were there is eazy building cause it take about 1 hour just to make 1 thing