The Forest - Console Command Cheats

The Forest is a brilliant (and sometimes gruesome) survival, base-building and crafting game.
@MrAntiFun has made a brilliant trainer for this game, which you can find here: The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam.

The game also has a built-in developer console which, alongside the trainer, can improve the “cheat-ability” of the game. I recommend you use both MrAntiFun’s trainer and the developer console commands alongside each other.

Activating the developer console
The console needs to be activated while you are on the main menu of the game.

While you are on the main menu, type developermodeon.
To confirm if the developer console has activated, press F1 on your keyboard. If the console was enabled then a text input field should appear on the screen.

You can now use the developer console to cheat in-game by pressing the F1 key at any time.

Note: This keybind may conflict with a trainer hotkey. You may have to set a custom hotkey in the trainer to avoid hotkey conflicts, it is not possible to change the developer console hotkey, so you’ll have to change the trainer hotkey instead.

Console commands for cheating

Player Commands

  • godmode on - No damage. Unlimited Stamina. Unlimited fullness. Unlimited Water. Unlimited Energy. Use godmode off to turn off.
  • survival off - No need to eat or drink. Use survival on to revert.
  • energyhack on - Infinite energy. Use energyhack off to deactivate.
  • invisible on - Makes you invisible to enemies. Also disables swimming (you’ll walk underwater instead) and makes underwater as light as being above ground. Bumping into or attacking enemies will make them suddenly be aware of you, even though you’re invisible. Use invisible off to deactivate.
  • buildermode on - Forces the game into creative mode. Turns on the buildhack cheat, turns off survival mode, adds all items to inventory except story quest items and turns enemies off. Use buildermode off to deactivate.
  • cavelight on - Player can see in caves without needing a light source. Use cavelight off to deactivate.
  • save - Allows the player to save the game no matter where they are. Use with caution, do not use if player death is imminent (ie player is falling).
  • revealcavemap - Reveals the entire player map.

Inventory Commands

  • additem [X] [#] - Adds a specific item to your inventory. Replace [X] for the item ID and the [#] for the amount. Use this website (click) for a full list of all item codes.
  • spawnitem [X] [#] - Spawns the specific item in front of the player. Replace [X] for the item ID and the [#] for the amount. Use this website (click) for a full list of all item codes.
  • itemhack on - Infinite items (you must have at least 1 in your inventory). Use itemhack off to deactivate.
  • addallitems - Adds all possible obtainable items in the game to the player’s inventory. Will not add story quest items.
  • removeallitems - Removes everything from the player’s inventory.
  • addallstoryitems - Adds all story quest items to the player’s inventory. Use with caution as this may break the game (ie obtaining an item too early). Or better, don’t use it at all.
  • removeallstoryitems - Removes all story items from the player inventory. Use with caution as this may break the game (ie losing an item you needed, such as a keycard for a door).
  • spawnallpickups - Causes all the items that can be picked up to respawn in the game world. Use this if you’ve stupidly used the removeallstoryitems command above. You’ll have to find and collect the items again, however.
  • unlimitedHairspray on and unlimitedHairspray off - Turns on or off unlimited hairspray (used with lighter by the player for a makeshift flamethrower).

Crafting and Building Commands

  • cancelallghosts - Removes all unbuilt building blueprints that have been placed.
  • buildallghosts - Instantly builds all building blueprints that have been placed.
  • buildhack on - Build almost instantly without using resources. Use buildhack off to deactivate.
  • stewcomboverbose on - Indicates when a successful stew recipe/combination was consumed. stewcomboverbose off deactivates it.
  • loghack on - Carry an infinite amount of logs. You must be holding at least one before using the command for it to work. You need to use loghack off to turn it off in order to drop logs or use weapons.
  • placeallghosts - Places the blueprints for every building in the game right in front of the player.
  • plantallgardens - Plants all gardens in the world.

Player Stat Commands

  • setstat full - Changes all stats to full, such as health, energy, stamina, etc.
  • setstat Health # - Changes health amount to the given value between 0 - 100.
  • setstat Stamina # - Changes stamina amount to the given value between 0 - 100.
  • setstat Energy # - Changes energy amount to the given value between 0 - 100.
  • setstat Sanity # - Changes sanity amount to the given value between 0 - 100.
  • ‘setstat Fullness #’ - Changes fullness amount to the given value between 0 - 100.
  • setstat BatteryCharge # - Changes flashlight batteries charge to the given value between 0 - 100.
  • setSkill runTime # - Sets sprint/run timeto the given value between 0 - 100.
  • setSkill lungTime # - Sets swim underwater time to the given value between 0 - 100.
  • setSkill ath # - Sets athleticism to 99, which is the maximum.

Animal Commands

  • killallanimals - Kills all animals in the game. May lag for a few seconds. All the animals will eventually respawn.
  • killclosestanimal - Kills the animal that is closest to the player.
  • animals on and animals off - Toggles animals in the game on or off.
  • birds on and birds off - Toggles birds in the game on or off.
  • spawnanimalquiet - Spawns an animal in a player-made trap if one is nearby.
  • spawnanimal X - Spawns a specified animal. Replace X for either rabbit, lizard, deer, turtle, tortoise, racoon, squirrel, boar or crocodile.

Enemy Commands

  • veganmode on and veganmode off - When on enemies will only appear in caves. When off, they appear in the outside world too as normal.
  • enemies on and enemies off - Turns cannibals and mutants on or off. See note below.
  • knockdownclosestenemy - Knocks down the enemy closest to the player.
  • killclosestenemy - Kills the enemy closest to the player.
  • killallenemies - Kills all enemies (cannibals and mutants) except Worms. They can respawn.
  • killallworms - Kills all worms in the game. They can respawn.
  • killendboss - Kills the End Boss.
  • spawnregularfamily - Spawns between 3 and 6 regular cannibals.
  • spawnpaintedfamily - Spawns between 3 and 6 painted cannibals.
  • spawnskinnedfamily - Spawns between 3 and 6 masked cannibals.
  • spawnskinnyfamily - Spawns 2 or 3 skinny cannibals.

Note: The cheats that turn enemies on or off are buggy. Sometimes enemies may still randomly appear if you have enemies off activated, especially in caves. Simply re-entering the command fixes this.

World Commands

  • lightingtimeofdayoverride [X] - Sets the game lighting. Replace the [X] with either morning, noon, sunset, night or to a specific time using hh:mm (for example lightingtimeofdayoverride 03:15). Use lightingtimeofdayoverride off to reset the game lighting back to normal.
  • checkday - Tells you what the day is.
  • advanceday - Advances the game ahead one day. Warning: Enemies get tougher and bolder the more game days that pass.
  • setcurrentday [#] - Sets the days the player has been on the island to the given value. Warning: Enemies get tougher and bolder the more game days that pass.
  • forcerain light - Causes light rain in the world.
  • forcerain heavy - Causes heavy rain in the world. Useful for filling up water collectors fast.
  • forcerain sunny - Causes the weather to change to sunny.
  • cutdowntrees [#] - Cuts down the specified number of trees near the player. Replace [#] for a number.
  • cutgrass [#] - Cuts down grass in a given radius around the player. Replace [#] for a number. Large numbers will cause lag, use sparingly.
  • growalldirtpiles - Refills dirt piles (which are used by the player to camouflage themselves).

Speed Commands

  • timescale [#] - Sets the game speed to the given value. 0 pauses the game. 1 is the default. 2 is faster than default. Warning: Do not increase the speed too high (ie above 20) as this may cause your game to crash. Be smart, know the limits of your computer.
  • speedyrun on - Run faster. You should have an infinite health cheat on because you might end up quite far off the ground in some cases and will fall back down, which will normally kill you. Use speedyrun off to deactivate.
  • faststart on and faststart off - When on, it skips the long plane crash intro.

MrAntiFun’s trainer coupled with these console commands will give you absolute control over the island and its inhabitants.

Have fun and try not to get eaten.