The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure
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Download Trainer

Download the trainer or find it in the WeMod app.

Trainer Options and Cheats:

1. Unlimited HP
2. Unlimited EP
3. Unlimited CP
4. Unlimited Items
5. Items Never Decrease
6. Unlimited Mira
7. Edit Mira
8. Unlimited Sepith
9. Multiply EXP Gain
10. Multiply Quartz EXP Gain
11. Instant Kill
12. Game Speed


Supported Game Versions:

We strive to keep our trainers up to date with the latest game versions. WeMod automatically detects which version you have installed and activates the mods accordingly. So there’s no need to worry about which version of the game you have!

Updates and Changes:

  • 03/20/2023
    Started development

  • 03/21/2023
    Released trainer with 12 cheats

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The The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 12 cheats
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the exp multiplier for the master quarts and characters doesn’t work

Still works here, are you sure you’re playing the latest version on Steam?

Yes, I’m playing the latest version from Steam. How do I enable the exp mutiplier for character and master quartz? Can you show me how you set it up on your WeMod dashboard?

Oh I see, so I need to make my multiplier exp gain to be in the thousands in order to see any impact?

If you want to see the “impact” aka multiple level up each battle with insignificant mob, yes. The game doesn’t start at level 1 at first and it’s an old grindy game, not sure what you expect tbh.

I see, I’m new to this kind of RPG, I just discovered this whole legend of heroes thing last month. Thanks for the explanation!

Gotta ask is it not possible to add the no combat option that exists in the Zero Trainer? The two games are basically identical in how they are coded for the most part so it shouldn’t be to hard to implement it right? The amount of monsters that are in the overworld is a lot so being able to phase through them was a god send in zero.