The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-king Cheats and Trainer

not working :frowning:

Please update the cheats to ROWTK patch 2.02 V 8.4.0


Hi can you please update the trainer for ver 2.02 V8.4.0


Hi. Can you add Unlimited Health for player units only to both this game (ROTWK) and basic BFME2?

which game version I need to play in order to use this trainer?

The cheats doesnt work, when i toggle them on it goes off fast again. update?

It’s definitely works sir! thank you!

how did u get it to work? mine just turn off as soon as I turn them on

cause mine wont work at all and I have tried everything

oh just MIDDLE EARTH 2 works i tried other witch king the game wont played idk why…

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dang, it kinda sucks that it dosent work. do you know if bfme 1 works?

what different trainer? can you provide a link?